NSA Breach

Panel recommends NIST declare independence from NSA

"NIST may seek the advice of the NSA on cryptographic matters but it must be in a position to assess it and reject it when warranted,” says a report from the Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology.

Snowden boasts of prominent role in intel IT

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden details his role in helping intelligence agency CIOs solve pressing technical problems.

Alexander: Big data 'is what it's all about'

Former NSA head says guarding agencies' vast data stores is the critical challenge going forward.

NSA document details foreign intel databases

The intelligence agency delves into some details about how it collects, stores and accesses data but leaves many key questions unanswered.

What 'continuous monitoring' means in the clearance context

Several proposals would require access to consumer databases as well as records from local and state law enforcement and federal financial regulators.

Obama, Intel Committee leaders propose data collection changes

The president’s plan would require a court order to collect information on individual accounts; the lawmakers’ bill would not.

'To purge or not to purge'

Trying to determine when spy agencies are required to dispose of data is something of a mystery, even to them.

The intelligence community's big-data problem

Analyzing fragmented information that doesn’t come neatly packaged is a challenge most other government users of big data can relate to.

States aiming at NSA might hit contractors

Proposals under consideration in several legislatures would limit state interaction with firms assisting warrantless data collection.

Behind clearance reform, a struggle in data collection

Readers weigh in with real-life experience from both sides of the vetting process.

Rockefeller blasts private-sector metadata storage plan

The retiring chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee said he was “concerned any change of our current framework will harm both national security and privacy.”

Security clearance reform: more questions than answers

Many of the proposed solutions rely on the use of IT – automation, continuous evaluation and shared data banks between agencies.

Agencies pay for public distrust in post-Snowden era

In the wake of the Snowden affair, Americans are growing more reluctant to hand over personal information to the government, which hurts legitimate data collection and could drive up costs.

Cryptography experts sign open letter against NSA surveillance

President has still not addressed compromised security standards, cryptographers warn.

Review board to Obama: Shut down NSA program

The recommendations would represent a more decisive step than reform efforts outlined by the president earlier this week.

Justice Department sues security clearance firm

Among the background checks performed by USIS were those on intelligence community contractor Edward Snowden and Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis.

Gates: NSA ‘primary weapon in this conflict’

The former Pentagon chief decried Obama administration leaks and privacy advocates who downplay the need for security.