Open Data

Army previews data strategy

Army CIO Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford called the data strategy, expected in the next 60 days, "one of our top IT-related reform efforts."

OMB previews next steps on data policy

The White House will soon unveil its plan for managing data within and across agencies, as well as guidance for recently passed legislation, per top two IT officials in the administration's tech management policy office.

Tech officials huddle to implement new data laws

Agency tech officials meet with the Office of Management and Budget to decide how new data laws fit into their efforts under the President's Management Agenda.

Census demo day showcases open data, AI tools

Open data is fueling federal, private and nongovernmental tech projects aimed at addressing challenges ranging from geospatial mapping and disaster recovery to health care to the workforce.

Key open gov deadline nears with no public action

Can stakeholders and activists take this White House at its word that it is sincerely interested in advancing open data and open government policy?

How government data is at risk

Open data advocates and former government employees have concerns about the fate of open government data, in light of budget and budget and staffing cuts and topics facing increased politicization.

Congress looks to make grant info DATA Act friendly

New legislation fills in financial reporting gaps in the the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act.

How data analytics improves government responsiveness

Imagine the possibilities of better and more effective use of data analytics in the federal government.

Open data tools promote Census awareness

Tech groups from nonprofits, companies, federal agencies and universities from across the country unveiled various digital tools based on federal data.

Watchdog dings DHS data efforts

The Department of Homeland Security needs to do a better job implementing its data strategy, says the agency's inspector general.

VA's legacy systems aren't ready for the Data Act

A just-released oversight report reveals that the legacy systems at the Department of Veterans Affairs aren't ready to support many Data Act requirements.

How cloud can take open data to new heights

By removing the storage and transmission barriers, agencies are seeing the use of their datasets explode.

What's coming in's next revamp

Contracting documents indicate more automation, geocoding and open source are in store for the federal online repository

Is Congress transparent enough?

Legislative data is public and online, but transparency advocates are looking to make more-granular aspects of the lawmaking process easier to track and understand.

What's next for spending data?

Officials are continuing to iterate on Data Act reporting, and more granular, standardized government info could be in the offing.

Can tech geeks crack the codes of Congress?

A new challenge will call for ideas that use 21st century technology to reimagine legislative data.