Operating Systems

Windows 8 details may have been leaked

Slides purporting to show Windows 8 features, release date, have emerged on the Web.

Time is running out for aging Windows apps

Microsoft warns that Windows XP Service Pack 2, Vista RTM, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 won't be supported much longer, according to the lifecycle support blog.

EU settlement will alter Microsoft's stance on interoperability

Microsoft provided more details about its settlement with the European Commission (EC), pledging to implement a threefold approach to interoperability.

iPhone: Enterprise-worthy, perhaps, but secure enough for feds?

The latest iPhone operating system is more secure, but doubts linger about whether it can rival the BlackBerry for government-level real security.

Google phones may ring in the new year

Google is reportedly considering offering its own mobile phone based on the Android operating system as early as next year.

NASA to update schedule for coming IT acquisitions

NASA soon will release a new schedule for opening competition on five information technology services contracts estimated to be worth a total of more than $4 billion.