Operational Management

IRS solidifies relationship with management group

The IRS and the Professional Managers Association have reached a final consultative agreement to keep agency managers in the loop about agency decisions.

BLM to bring leadership back to D.C.

The Interior Department is reversing a Trump administration move to put the Bureau of Land Management in Grand Junction, Colo., but the new outpost will now serve as a Western headquarters.

Biden's DDM tees up strategic planning agenda

The Biden administration wants to capitalize on agencies' current strategic planning process to move major administration priorities like climate, pandemic recovery, economic recovery and equity.

Senate panel wants DHS to focus intel activities on foreign threats

The Senate version of the annual intelligence authorization bill, which passed out of committee last week, includes a warning to DHS' intelligence arm to distinguish more carefully between its foreign and domestic missions.

It was 20 years ago today...

Mark Forman reflects on what two decades have taught us about the federal CIO's role and responsibilities.

Creating a more resilient American infrastructure

With the necessary reforms to modernize federal IT now clearer, it's critical to call out that the government has far too long relied on antiquated technologies that cannot thwart today's stealthy and persistent adversaries.

Enhancing the impact of Technology Modernization Fund

Developing connections across the TMF and with larger IT investment programs will yield sustained positive outcomes for the government.

White House stands down groups tackling SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange

The move comes days after the administration sanctioned Russia for its alleged role in the cyberattacks

ATO ASAP: Streamlining government security with a Federal Compliance Library

With communal resource for commonly used components, agencies could devote more time to security postures that are truly unique.

Billions went to fraudulent unemployment claims in 2020, IG memo reports

Fraudulent unemployment benefit claims since March could end up costing tens of billions of dollars, the memo says.

State Dept. can't justify move to open cyber office, GAO finds

The Government Accountability Office says the State Department failed to justify the scope and organizational placement of a new office that was greenlighted in the final days of the Trump administration.

Biden-Harris team taps DDM, OSTP director

Biden's Cabinet will be the first to include a "Presidential Science Advisor," Dr. Eric Lander, who Biden nominated to serve as OSTP director.

DOJ says it was hit by SolarWinds hackers

The Justice Department today said hackers likely accessed about 3% of email inboxes.

Hershman critical of CMO cut in NDAA

Lisa Hershman, the Defense Department's outgoing chief management officer, said the office succeeded -- finding a proclaimed $37 billion in savings -- despite inadequate funding.

Trump threatens yet another shutdown

The government is currently funded by a short-term continuing resolution that expires on midnight on Monday, Dec. 28.

GAO calls out agencies for IT supply chain risks

The government watchdog determined most federal agencies were not following best practices for supply chain risk management established by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology.

GSA's Murphy releases transition funds to Biden

More than two weeks after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election by the Associated Press, the General Services Administration is releasing $7.3 million in transition funding and making other resources available to the president-elect's team.