Gordon: Senate provision would force insourcing

The Senate has proposed taking away from contractors all the jobs that are closely associated with inherently governmental functions.

When it comes to outsourcing decisions, everyone angles to be 'critical'

The 'intentionally vague' definition of 'critical function' could apply to almost all agency work, says Robert Burton, deputy OFPP administrator during the George W. Bush administration.

Union: Too much discretion in outsourcing will come with a price

Outsourcing critical work could, in the long run, cost agencies their institutional knowledge, argues Colleen Kelley, national president of the National Treasury Employees Union.

Lawmakers expand target of contractor pay-cap proposal

Calls are growing to extend a contractor pay cap to all employees, not just top executives.

Lawmakers urge cap on salary contributions for all contractor employees

Proposed law would tie compensation of all contractor employees -- not just executives -- to federal employees' pay.

Technology R&D needed to keep edge in innovation, House panel hears

Witnesses testifying before the Subcommittee on Research and Science Education emphasize importance of tech R&D.

You knew it all along: Compared to contractors, feds are a bargain

Most of you won't be surprised at this, but in general it costs the federal government a whole lot more to hire contractors than to pay federal employees to do the same jobs.

Lawmakers want competitive sourcing on the table

House members have asked the Appropriations Committee chairman to keep funding bills free from “provisions inhibiting the utilization of the private sector.”

Insourcing vs. outsourcing: The never-ending story

The debate about the blended workforce has proven a favorite topic of FCW readers.

Congressman wants to halt insourcing

Republican congressman, expressing concern for small businesses, urges a moratorium on returning formerly contracted work to the government.

Biz groups want Congress to protect outsourcing

A coalition of business groups is asking Congress to uphold outsourcing and limit insourcing in the upcoming fiscal 2012 spending bills.

Defense bill: 4 provisions to turn back the clock on insourcing

The House's defense authorization bill changes course on past efforts to restore contracted work to federal employees.

Public/private competitions come under fire again

Sen. Mikulski is pushing for changes that would give federal employees a better fighting chance against outsourcing.

The fiery debate over contractor salaries

A labor union has proposed capping contractor salaries. Here's what FCW readers think about this recommendation.

House panel proposes adding experts to competitive sourcing

House officials want a broader segment of senior DOD officials involved in the process that pits the private sector against the public sector for government work.

Federal IT spending predicted to rise despite budget crunch

Market research firm Input estimates annual federal IT budget will rise 5 percent annually despite proposed freeze in discretionary spending.

Wartime contracting panel needs broader view, group says

Criticism of wartime contracting reform comes as officials seek lessons from nongovernmental organizations on their contingency operations.