FDA weighs tighter oversight of health IT apps to protect patients

The Food and Drug Administration is considering stepping up its oversight of patient safety related to health IT software, according to an FDA official.

Wait another year for patient safety data, GAO says

Information required under the Patient Safety Act likely won't be available until February 2011, according to a new report.

Patient safety data formats get update

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has updated the data formats for its program for providers to electronically submit data on patient safety.

FDA plans electronic filing for some safety reports

Proposed rules announced today would require that all mandatory post market reporting of adverse effects for drugs and medical devices be filed electronically, either through a gateway, a Web portal under development, or on disk or tape.

Government told to lead in stopping medical data breaches

Identity theft continues to be a problem for organizations that retain personal information on customers; and a new report suggests the Obama administration’s ambitious health care reform effort could be another area that poses risks.

Report: Government key to health ID security

The government should play a leading role in protecting consumers from medical identity theft as it expands the use of electronic health records, according to an HHS report.

A high-tech answer to health care frare fraud

Data analysis aids in finding abuses of Medicare’s rapid payment system.

STARRS guides emergency teams

8 Midwestern communities collaborate to build common emergency medical response system.

Opelka: E-prescribing is safe and private

Critics are spreading misinformation that could prevent patients from reaping benefits.

Serious games

Medical schools and health care trainers are using advanced gaming technologies to convey what it’s like to practice high-pressure, critical-care medicine.

Hidden keys to health

The medical community is sitting on mountains of e-health data that could lead to important medical discoveries. But will its value remain buried by privacy concerns and lack of funding?

How to start a community health network

Starting out on the right foot can help prevent disasters later.

VHA taps CareFusion for bar code software

The product reads bar codes on medication and software modules, such as those that verify and label lab specimens.

Anteon gets Air Force Surgeon General contract

Integrator will establish and operate Military Health System programs at 34 locations in the United States, Europe and Asia.