Pay for Performance

Pay for performance? Yeah, right.

Pay-for-performance systems have a spotty track record in the federal government, but the idea has surfaced yet again.

NSPS: anatomy of a failure

The government's most significant recent effort to move to pay for performance failed in just three years. Our readers have some thoughts about why.

Workforce still under fire, no end in sight

Two memos recently released by senior Obama administration officials are likely to further stoke the debate over federal salaries.

Include contractors in federal workforce debates, lawmakers urged

A House hearing held to examine the size of the federal workforce raised the question of whether to include the number of contract employees as part of the debate.

DOD needs better plan to move off of performance-pay system

The Defense Department needs to do a better job of laying out specific goals and a timeline for designing a new performance management system, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Is pay for performance doomed to fail?

Pay for performance may be coming back, even though past efforts have failed. Do you think it stands a chance in the federal government?

Managing teleworkers can be business as usual

Manager resistance to telework often revolves around perceived challenges of monitoring remote workers' performance, but some telework veterans say separate oversight isn't needed.

Better performance management starts with better supervisors

Improving the process of evaluating federal employees is a challenge, but experts have lots of good advice.

Senators take close look at SES

Senators were told today about efforts to fix problems with the Senior Executive Service, including recruiting obstacles.

Pay raises revoked for some SES members

Performance-based pay raises for hundreds of Senior Executive Service members have been rescinded, but administration officials say this has nothing to do with the two-year pay freeze.

Feds motivated by more than just pay

It seems that pay is not the most important driver when it comes to federal employees’ performance, at least according to some of FCW’s vocal readers. Instead, feds are encouraged by strong managers and their commitment to public service.

Job performance has little effect on raises, step increases

Federal pay freeze doesn't affect step raises, but new data shows that poor job performance is rarely a bar to raises.

Google's recipe for superior managers

Can the federal government learn anything from the company’s latest HR project?

OPM's Berry: Performance and pay need not be linked

The federal government is looking to establish a new performance management system, according to a senior administration official.

Be honest—how much are you motivated by pay?

Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry made an interesting statement today during a speech at the Interagency Resources Management Conference.

Rating feds' performance: Changes are in the works

A senior administration official is stressing the importance of strengthening performance evaluations before even beginning discussions on federal salaries. How do you think the government can improve its method for evaluating employees?

Pay for performance back again

A congressman wants to consider pay for performance as part of a plan to shrink the government workforce.