The federal pay debate: To be continued

Why can't the disagreement over which sector earns the most be settled for once and for all?

Bill addresses SES pay compression

Two lawmakers sponsor a bill to reform senior executive service compensation.

Can you really trust claims about federal pay?

Who earns more, federal employees or their private-sector counterparts? It all depends on whom, and how, you ask.

Bill with pay freeze extension passes House

A bill whose primary purpose is to fund certain military and VA activites would also extend a freeze on federal pay for certain employees.

Readers question federal IT pay survey

Who makes more, IT professionals in government or private industry? FCW readers are conflicted.

Worried about the bills?

No, not those; we mean the legislative kind. The ones that target the federal workforce.

Whoa, what a week!

Trying to boil down readers’ reactions to the recent spate of legislation calling for pay freeze extensions and cutbacks on federal retirement benefits might be best expressed by a quote frequently uttered by Popeye the Sailor (right before he blew his top) …

Lawmaker targets step increases

A new bill would bar step increases for the remainder of 2012.

For the cartoonist, federal pay debates pay frequent dividends

FCW cartoonist John Klossner is always open to a new angle on everybody's favorite topic.

House votes to extend pay freeze

A House vote moves a one-year pay-freeze extension closer to reality.

Leave fed pay and benefits alone, union says

Feds have sacrificed enough, union says.

Just how much is the pay freeze costing you?

Here's a handy calculator to count the cost.

Workforce spared, for now, in tax cut extension

Republican leaders in the House of Representatives announced that they would accept compromise legislation that provides a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut set to expire at the beginning of the year.

VA hands out employee bonuses too easily, audit finds

Federal auditors found that the majority of bonus payments made to retain key employees at Veterans Affairs agencies were lacking in proper justifications and documentations.

Is your pay a matter of public record?

Your boss’s probably is, too.

Feds catch a break from congressional scrutiny

For a brief moment, the pay of contractors, not feds, was the focus of ax-wielding lawmakers.

Union to supercommittee: Don't take it out on us

A coalition representing 4.6 million federal and postal workers and annuitants has sent a letter to the deficit reduction supercommittee urging the panel to reject proposals that would put further strains on the federal workforce.