RIM unveils touch-screen Torch

RIM unveils the BlackBerry Torch, a smart phone that combines a BlackBerry keyboard and a touch screen.

Can BlackBerry's rumored tablet unseat iPad?

The rumor mill is working overtime with stories of a Flash-friendly BlackBerry tablet from Research in Motion

On Independence Day, who was free from techno tyranny?

On the approach of the July Fourth weekend, we asked readers to declare their independence from the oppression workplace tools. See what devices, gadgets and apps they chose to take a holiday from.

The trouble with truffles, and other airport security tales

In our recent stories on how, and how not, to take a laptop PC through airport security, we asked readers to recount their favorite tales of checkpoint complications. And they responded with gusto.

A tech-laden traveler encounters TSA -- frequently

Gadget-toting GCN Lab director John Breeden has gotten used to extra scrutiny at the airport.

How to zip your laptop through TSA airport security

GCN Lab's Trudy Walsh usually checks her 10-pound laptop in her luggage when she flies. How has your laptop fared going through airport security?

iPad: 10 reasons feds should be eager

The GCN Lab finds 10 reasons why feds will love the iPad, starting with a couple of things it doesn't have.

iPad: 10 reasons feds should be wary

The GCN Lab has offered 10 reasons(plus a bonus reason) why iPads would be good for government use. But what's right for one user isn't always right for another. So here are 10 reasons why government employees might want to take a pass.

Will influx of iPads cripple wireless networks?

The release of Apple's iPad will add another flood of wireless-ready devices to the demand for wireless connectivity, and at least one government official fears that the proliferation of gadgets could bog down wireless networks.

iEnvy: Do BlackBerry users need an iPad?

The apps available for Apple's sleek new iPad have many BlackBerry-carrying feds drooling, but BlackBerry also offers a robust, if lesser-known, app store, says GCN Lab Director John Breeden.

Think you want an iPad? Read this first!

Everyone seems to want an iPad, but is it worth it? Early reviews paint a muddled picture of iPad's pros and cons.

To USB or not to USB

USB thumb drives are very useful for transporting data between computers--as well as introducing malware into sensitive computer systems.

BlackBerry enters the app wars with winner for feds

The Presenter takes two things feds really love, BlackBerrys and PowerPoint, and combines them in an application that could not only make presentations easier, but could also let you leave your laptop PC at home.

FIPS-certified USB drives have security flaws

Vulnerabilities in supposedly secure USB flash drives that received FIPS certification are causing NIST to review the certification process for cryptographic modules.

The ’00 7: The decade’s most important tech advances

We select seven technologies that changed the game during the unofficial decade of 2000-2009.

Hands on with Army Go Mobile gear

The real potential of the Go Mobile program is in providing military personnel access to their AKO/DKO accounts wirelessly. The days of luggable laptops might be over soon, replaced in this case with smart phones that pack almost as much computing power.

Google phones may ring in the new year

Google is reportedly considering offering its own mobile phone based on the Android operating system as early as next year.