Portable or Handheld Devices

Time to move on desktop virtualization?

As smart phones and tablet PCs redefine personal computing, desktop virtualization deserves a fresh look.

DOD's Android effort begins to bear fruit

DOD's embrace of the Android operating system is just getting started. How did it begin?

Army explores e-textbook possibilities

The Army begins research for platform-agnostic e-textbooks.

Are Kindle and Nook tablets destined for agencies?

New offerings from Amazon and Barnes and Noble ramp up the power of popular e-readers. What does it mean for agencies?

After the executive order: Will IT devices prove their worth?

President Obama's Nov. 9 executive order has a clear intent: To limit the number of IT devices.

Will Amazon's Fire kindle a new push for personal tech at work?

Amazon's new device may be less versatile than Apple's iPad, but it's also much less expensive. Expect the weeks after Christmas to bring it into the workplace.

Swag: Who has it, what is it?

Executive order limiting agency 'swag' prompts a flurry of coverage.

Scrutiny of IT spending: The new normal

The executive order limiting agencies' ability to provide mobile devices, among other things, is unlikely to be the last measure tightening the limits.

Overcome your mobile insecurity

Securing tablet PCs and smart phones calls for a mix of planning, policy and technology.

5 steps for easing gadgets into the enterprise

These steps can help agency IT departments gain the upper hand on the smartphones and tablets invading the enterprise.

Lessons for the enterprise from HP's tablet adventure

Hewlett-Packard's exit from the tablet computer market proves instructive for agency IT managers pondering their next mobile computing move.

Why HP's withdrawal from tablet market should tick you off

Hewlett-Packard's unfortunate decisions caused the death-on-arrival of a tablet that could have been a great enterprise tool, says John Breeden, director of the GCN Lab.

The perils of a mobile-first IT strategy

Many FCW readers are not keen on the idea of mobile devices replacing their old-fashioned desktop computers.

Are cool gadgets a go for government?

The Veterans Affairs Department and other agencies are trying to resolve the security and management issues that have inhibited the use of tablet PCs and smart phones in the workplace.

Smithsonian advances the art of the app

The Smithsonian has an unusual challenge in creating smart-phone apps.

Android risk of cyber crime is growing fast

Malware targeting the Android smart phone is proliferating rapidly, security firm reports.

How not to make a case for an app

An ATF agent learns from his mistakes in trying to convince supervisors to sign off on an app development idea.