Wyden disparages purge at Open Technology Fund

The Oregon Democrat is demanding answers about the circumstances behind a series of abrupt firings at the non-profit Open Technology Fund carried out by a Trump administration official.

Privacy report outlines scope, limitations of ICE facial recognition

According to a recently released privacy assessment, Immigration and Customs Enforcement systems are linked to a network of image databases across the country, and future trainings are being eyed to combat abuse and misuse.

Using tech to combat the coronavirus

Steve Kelman reports on early efforts to leverage technology for better contact tracing.

Agencies look to digital financial outlets to disburse relief funds

As IRS and the Small Business Administration tap digital-only financial firms to assist in relief funding, concerns are emerging about cybersecurity vulnerabilities and fraud.

Navy CIO: Don't worry about shakeups at the top

The Navy CIO updated the workforce on telework practices, COVID-19 disclosures and what the change in service leadership means for the tech mission.

Spy law reauthorization postponed to avoid tough privacy votes

A markup to reauthorize the USA Freedom Act was pushed back indefinitely as members deal with the fallout of a new oversight report and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) prepares to introduce a number of proposed amendments.

Congressman floats 'FITARA-like' scorecard to measure security clearance process

A significant reduction in the backlog of security clearance investigations over the past two years has contractors feeling more optimistic, but concerns about lengthy adjudications and reciprocity between federal agencies still linger.

Gillibrand bill would create new data protection agency

The independent agency would be charged with coordinating federal policy on privacy, process complaints from consumers and launch investigations and audits. 

Despite public concerns, facial recognition gets traction in Congress

While some legislators questioned the accuracy and bias found in some government systems, both Republicans and Democrats endorsed the broad thrust and goals of DHS' screening programs.

IC merging suitability and clearance reviews

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence says the move will strengthen human resources officers' role in hiring for nation's most sensitive positions.

Privacy assessment finds risk with CDM shared service platform

An updated assessment from the Department of Homeland Security finds that a shared services platform designed to help smaller agencies use the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program brings with it new but manageable privacy risks.

DHS maps out data sharing with Census Bureau

Data on travel, immigration and enforcement from the Department of Homeland Security will be used by the Census Bureau as part of a plan to determine the number of immigrants and non-citizens residing in the U.S. in the 2020 population count.

Lawmakers seek answers on HUD's use of facial recognition

Responding to press accounts, a group of lawmakers want to know if the Department of Housing and Urban Development is supporting the use of biometric surveillance in public housing properties.

'Technical irregularities' plagued contact chaining at NSA

ODNI's privacy czar said bad data from telecoms irrevocably tainted the contact-chaining process that was at the heart of the NSA's Call Detail Records program.

CBP walks back facial recognition for citizens

The reversal took place after "consultation with Congress and privacy experts," a Customs and Border Protection spokesman says.

NSA says it can collect metadata for encrypted comms

During a hearing to discuss reauthorization for a number of controversial spying authorities, intelligence and law enforcement officials indicated they could sweep up logistical records related to encrypted communications.

Lawmaker pushes online verification to combat disinformation

Mandatory ID checks for social media platforms could help fight propaganda, but experts worry about privacy tradeoffs.