USAID plans new ‘Digital Front Door’ portal for contractors

The U.S. Agency for International Development is seeking public feedback on a plan to streamline data reporting requirements for contractors by establishing a single portal for all digital information.

GSA preps draft solicitations for major cloud BPA

The General Services Administration released new details this week about an upcoming multiple-award blanket purchase agreement to help speed up enterprisewide modernization initiatives and meet increased demand for secure commercial cloud products and services.

Obama signs Do Not Pay legislation

New law calls for expanded use of existing databases to guard against fraud and error.

Good directions for strategic sourcing

Steve Kelman assesses recommendations in a recent GAO report on strategic sourcing.

DHS continues revising acquisition rules

Responding to IG pressure, the Homeland Security Department has been revamping its rules for awarding risky cost reimbursement contracts rather than safer fixed-price options.

Military services falter on single-bid contract guidance

An audit finds that DOD agencies often award contracts to the only bidder without trying to expand competition, despite DOD's own guidance.

Abuse prevention for government charge cards becomes law

The president signed a bill that will put more controls on the use of government charge cards.

Agencies take action as GAO knocks strategic sourcing effort

After an audit found that agencies have made very little use of strategic sourcing, DOD and other agencies point to some reforms, pledge to make more.

Departments missing chance to save big money

A pending report on four key agencies finds less than 5 percent of FY 2011 procurement was managed through strategic sourcing.

Industry resists government's push for low prices

The cheapest deal isn't always the best buy, industry advocates argue.

Senators challenge administration on layoff advice

The Obama administration's pledge to pay the legal fees of contractors who run into trouble for sequestration-related layoffs might not be legal.

Missing data hampers contract inventories

Agencies are supposed to maintain contract inventories to give management a clear picture of where their money goes, but some critical data is difficult to get.

12 hot companies to watch

In an era of federal streamlining and cost-cutting, these companies are thriving by helping agencies get the most out of their data and dollars.

Cyber era brings new kinds of supply-chain threats

The military is facing the risk of digital sabotage in counterfeit electronics components infiltrating defense systems.

The top 50 Schedule 70 contractors

The General Service Administration's Schedule 70 contracts offer agencies an easy route to acquire IT-related products and services, and many vendors and contractors do a brisk business using it. Here are the top 50.

GSA unravels snag in digitizing contract files

The General Services Administration is working to resolve the management mistakes and unclear priorities that have hampered its digitization effort.

Incentives: Cheering on the bargain shoppers

Employees like being recognized for their good work, but these days there are more negative incentives than positives.