Program Management

DHS faces setbacks implementing CDM, watchdog says

The Department of Homeland Security has failed to address critical vulnerabilities across information technology assets due to significant delays in the department's rollout of a federal Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program.

Why zero trust is having a moment

Improved technologies and growing threats have agencies actively pursuing dynamic and context-driven security.

HASC chair flips spending debate to acquisition reform

House Armed Services Committee chair, Adam Smith's response to Republicans' call for at least a 3% topline defense budget increase is: "How you spend the money is what matters."

State Dept. can't justify move to open cyber office, GAO finds

The Government Accountability Office says the State Department failed to justify the scope and organizational placement of a new office that was greenlighted in the final days of the Trump administration.

New law enshrines modernization Centers of Excellence effort

President Trump signed a bipartisan bill that codifies the Centers of Excellence program as way to seed and launch IT and business process modernization efforts at federal agencies.

DOD's reform efforts could wane without consistent leadership

The Government Accountability Office found that leadership and organizational changes, namely the future of DOD's chief management officer role, could hamper long term reform efforts.

White House mulls CXO role at agencies

The White House is considering whether to formalize the customer experience officer role, but also thinking about the position's impact on IT.

DOD releases long-awaited data strategy

The Defense Department's new data strategy takes on ethics, governance and data standards.

Shared services poised for adoption

Quality Service Management Offices shared service offerings move closer to reality for federal agencies.

IT modernization for the COVID era

Crises are clarifying events, and the pandemic is making clear the limits of IT systems built for a different era.

SBA defends data exposure response

The notification of companies whose data had been exposed by the Small Business Administration's effort to set up advanced electronic emergency loan portals was slowed by a contracting issue, the agency's deputy CIO told Congress.

Lawmakers ask DHS leaders to postpone USCIS furloughs

The immigration agency is now set to end FY2020 with surplus, and two Senate appropriators are asking for a pause on furloughs while Congress negotiates supplemental funding to offset 2021 shortfalls.

The evolution of TBM for your organization

Buying into a common framework advances objectives that go beyond a single organization and enables an entire system to operate in a more unified way. For governments, this translates to better service for constituents.

Cyber and IT challenges remain as Census resumes operations

The IT systems needed to carry out the 2020 Census still face numerous testing challenges and unaddressed critical cybersecurity flaws, according to a new oversight report.

Legacy systems crumble under high demand

Unemployment insurance and other social safety net IT systems around the county are crumbling under the stress of millions of users seeking to apply for benefits in the wake of unprecedented unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

TTS seeks ID management partner

The leader of GSA's Technology Transformation Service wants agency and industry partners to help it develop a common framework for identity management that could eventually become a federal shared service.

Time for shutdown prep, says key trade group

Even though another federal government shutdown might not be in the cards, contractors shouldn’t be complacent, according to the Professional Services Council.