Airline crew members get fingerprint IDs

TSA has approved standards for a fingerprint identification program for pilots and other airline crew members.

Site maps stimulus spending

The Web site for tracking spending under the economic stimulus law spending has new mapping features.

Some doctors to get health IT help

The National Coordinator for Health Information Technology said he is dealing with the special health IT needs of doctors in small practices.

Coast Guard seeks new IT directorate

To fully carry out its modernization plans — including a new command structure for IT — the Coast Guard must obtain additional authorization from Congress, GAO says.

Deepwater watch: Coast Guard Acquisition Directorate gets new leader

The Coast Guard Acquisition Directorate has a new rear admiral in charge — Ronald Rábago.

Health IT 'meaningful use' framework proposed

The federal Health IT Policy Committee today began considering a detailed framework for defining "meaningful use" of health IT through 2015.

Firm says Chopra wants innovation in health IT

CTO Aneesh Chopra is seeking to improve innovation in government health IT by seeking new procurement channels to increase input from vendors, according to a research firm.

IG: DHS security clearances need IT help

The Homeland Security Department could improve its security clearance process by beefing up its computer support, IG says.

Obama budget has $148B for research

President Obama wants to spend $555 million more on federal science research and development in 2010, according to his top science adviser.

Health IT panel aims for middle road

The new federal panel that will advise on health IT standards begins discussing its goals.

Napolitano wants millions for IT

Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano told a House committee today about DHS' plans to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in IT systems.

Building work starts on SBInet

The construction of 17 permanent towers for the SBInet system at the border of Arizona and Mexico started May 4.

Health care reform tied to IT

Health care reform won't be complete without adopting health IT, the national coordinator for health IT says.

White House seeks cuts to defense contractor workforce

The Obama administration wants to save $900 million by reducing defense contractor employees and get $2 billion by collecting delinquent taxes from federal contractors.

Panel says it will approve millions more for swine flu

The chairman of the House Appropriations Committee said the group will approve spending more than $2 billion to deal with swine flu.

DHS opens Global Entry program to Netherlands

DHS has signed an agreement with the Netherlands to jointly recognize each other's trusted traveler programs for air passengers.

Survey: IT high on wish list for new money

State and local public safety agencies want to use new federal money to help fund technology projects, according to a new survey.