Public Health

NIH, CDC sign global pact on data sharing

Several funders of public health research are coming closer to overcoming barriers to information sharing with a new global agreement, supporters say.

HHS doesn't have plan for IT pandemic surveillance, GAO says

A 2006 law requires the Health and Human Services Department to produce a strategic plan for monitoring public health electronically in near-real time, but the department hasn't done so, according to GAO.

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Amy Burnett dispenses public health information in a pinch

The public's overwhelming need for information during the H1N1 flu outbreak tested the limits of CDC's National Contact Center.

CDC starts online surveillance of blood transfusion events

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is collecting data about the after effects of blood transfusions as part of a new application of its Internet-based National Healthcare Safety Network.

FDA rolls out Web-based risk assessment tool for food, drug imports

The Food and Drug Administration is launching its automated risk-assessment system that will flag high-risk shipments of imported food and drugs.

National Cancer Institute seeks tools for electronic data management

The National Cancer Institute expects to issue a request for proposals next month to identify a contractor that can expand use of electronic data.

HHS plan calls for improved communications, IT systems

The Health and Human Services Department has released the nation's first health security strategy, which includes some technologies for improving communications.

DHS biosurveillance center not getting enough data, GAO says

The DHS National Biosurveillance Integration Center is relying on Internet data at the moment because it has not been able to establish partnerships with federal agencies to get federal data, the GAO said in a new report.

Medical claims database could aid research on best treatments

The Health and Human Services Department announced plans to use economic stimulus law funding to create a new database of medical claims for all payors nationwide.

FDA readies new data systems for drug safety

The Food and Drug Administration will expand its tracking of drug safety once the drugs enter the marketplace, according to a new report.

CDC expands flu-tracking efforts

The H1N1 swine flu virus has created an urgent need for public health authorities to track where and how quickly the illness is spreading.

Government agencies to spend $15 billion on health IT by 2014

Federal, state and local governments are projected to spend $15 billion in 2014 for the IT systems that support their public health and health insurance programs.

New IT tools to track swine flu

Just in time for flu season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have begun using new tools to track seasonal and H1N1 flu and educate the public about treatment.

Health IT vendor sets up CDC with free flu tracking network

Health IT vendor Cerner Corp. has set up a national flu tracking network in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control.

FDA plans electronic medical device reports

The FDA has plans to convert its postmarket medical device reporting from paper forms to an electronic system.

HHS walks a tightrope on health information exchange, advisory group says

HHS is walking a tightrope in trying to craft the right balance for health information exchanges, according to a federal advisory group's report.