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J.K. Rowling, eat your heart out: NIST updates a bestseller

After a decade of preparation, NIST has released the updated "Handbook of Mathematical Functions," accompanied by its companion online version, the Digital Library of Mathematical Functions.

NY turns $10 million investment into $1 billion in savings

The N.Y. State Department of Taxation and Finance is enjoying big savings as a result of its work with IBM in creating tools to help automate audit and collection.

Tax evaders beware: NY state has an app for that

A 10-year collaboration between IBM and the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has produced analytical tools to help with auditing returns and collecting delinquent taxes.

The weakest link in anti-terror systems

President Obama described recent failures in anti-terrorism efforts as systemic. But they were not failures of systems; they were failures of human beings using the systems.

Stuck in the mud: IRS spins its wheels on electronic modernization

The Customer Account Data Engine, a part of the IRS business modernization program expected to be fully implemented by 2012, speeds processing of tax returns and refunds. But it also increases complexity.

In wake of TSA breach, a refresher on redacting PDFs

The exposure of the Transportation Security Administration's operations manual will likely prompt agnecies to review the National Security Agency's guidance on how to safely redact information from documents posted to the Web.

IRS wins some, loses a few in fight against identity theft and data loss

The IRS recorded more than 51,000 cases of taxpayer identity theft in 2008 and paid out $15 million in fraudulent refunds, and a GAO report finds that internal information security weaknesses constitute some of the most significant challenges faced by the agency.

States urged to create data catalogs

State and local governments should ramp up efforts to become more transparent, organization contends.

OMB architect identifies 'semantic harmonization' as key to effective enterprise architecture

The Federal Enterprise Architecture is moving toward a more shared architecture that looks across boundaries, according to Kshemendra Paul, chief architect with the Office of Management and Budget.

Coast Guard to harness ocean data to improve search and rescue

The Coast Guard can use maps of ocean surface currents to track probable paths of shipwreck victims and drifting lifeboats.