Retirement and Financial Planning

Retirement—is it time to run for the hills?

For years, those who watch the federal government have predicted that a “retirement tsunami” would hit the federal workplace when the Baby Boomers started to reach retirement age. Don't look now, but ...

Union to supercommittee: Don't take it out on us

A coalition representing 4.6 million federal and postal workers and annuitants has sent a letter to the deficit reduction supercommittee urging the panel to reject proposals that would put further strains on the federal workforce.

The great downsizing has begun

Who out there thinks they will recognize the federal workforce a year from now?

Potential debt limit fallout paints bleak picture for feds

If Congress fails to raise the government's debt limit before the Aug. 2 deadline, the federal government would face an unprecedented situation and federal employees are bound to be affected.

Budget woes might lead to fewer feds

Employee buyouts and hiring freezes are some of the ways agencies are dealing with tight budgets.

USDA bureau CIO takes early retirement

A bureau CIO at the Agriculture Department is one fed out of many taking advantage of an early retirement offer.

Minn. government shutdown could predict future for feds

When Minnesota lawmakers couldn't reach a budget compromise, the state government shut down, and now its employees are paying the price. Are federal workers destined to face a similar fate?

Retired feds rally for second tour of acquisition duty

The federal government rehired 125 retired federal employees in 2010 for its acquisition workforce, according to an Office of Federal Procurement Policy report.

GOP budget proposal would cut feds, extend pay freeze

House Republicans have released their fiscal 2012 budget proposal, including a bid to shrink the federal workforce and extend a pay freeze.

Retirement headline says it all

Savings are not the only consequence as more public employees retire.

Feds need to go viral

We saw a political cartoon lately that boiled down the current benefits debate to its bare bones. In it, a private-sector worker points at a public-sector worker and says: "I don’t have a pension, so you shouldn’t have one either!"

OPM report chronicles performance progress

The Office of Personnel Management has posted its annual report card on how well the agency met its key human resources goals in the past fiscal year.

Pay system reform: an idea whose time is now

An expert suggests that we stop arguing about whether government workers are overpaid or underpaid and, instead, come up with a better compensation system.

Those darned prohibited personnel practices

Quick—how many Merit System Principles are there? If you asked: What’s a Merit System Principle? then you probably don’t know that there are nine, and that they are the basic standards that govern the management of the executive branch workforce.

Old dogs, old tricks

In recent comments posted on this blog, we’ve noted a number of references to age discrimination at federal agencies—long-time employees not receiving raises/promotions to which they believe they were entitled.

Dreaming of early outs

Even some of the most dedicated feds are fed up (pun intended). One recent comment on this blog noted that if his agency offered a "buy-out"—more properly called a Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment (VSIP) or Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA) offer—the workforce there would immediately experience a reduction-in-force of one.