OPM looks to modernize IT, set up revolving fund

In a report to Congress, the Office of Personnel Management said it largely agreed with a set of recommendations from the National Academy of Public Administration about the future of the HR agency.

Biden puts his stamp on FLRA, Thrift Board

Biden's nominee to the general counsel at the FLRA could help clear a backlog of unfair labor practice charges from federal unions.

Kiran Ahuja's to-do list at OPM

Kiran Ahuja, the recently installed director of the Office of Personnel Management, has a host of long-standing agency issues to deal with, along with helping implement governmentwide workforce policy to combat the spread of COVID-19.

OPM takes back control of CHCO Council

The move reestablishes Office of Personnel Management's central role in leading governmentwide human resources policy.

OPM finalizes 2019 proposal for re-hiring former feds

The new regulations will change current rules forcing agencies to re-hire former feds into the pay grade they were last under in government.

Biden team pledges help for 'damaged' federal workforce

Pam Coleman, the director for performance management at the Office of Management and Budget, said that, "each week we seem to uncover more damage" done to the federal workforce under the Trump administration.

Kiran Ahuja tapped to lead OPM

The former Office of Personnel Management chief of staff is slated to return to lead the federal government's human resources agency.

New bill looks to close retirement loophole for injured federal first responders

Sponsors say the legislation is needed to allow federal first responders to access their retirement benefits if they are injured on the job.

TSP savers withdrew $2.9 billion under CARES Act

By the end of the program, almost 120,000 Thrift Savings Plan participants used CARES Act withdrawals.

NTEU looks for a 'fresh start' for federal employees under Biden

The union's blueprint for immediate action joins with NAPA's working group on the federal workforce in calling for the next director of OPM to abandon a regulation-heavy approach.

Thrift Board taps Accenture for consolidated records contract

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board plans to roll out new features to plan participants, including electronic signatures.

A Biden-Harris 'reset’ for feds

Federal employee unions and associations are hoping for concrete day-one rollbacks of Trump administration workforce policies on diversity training, official time, collective bargaining and the new 'Schedule F' classification.

House bill looks to boost COLA for Social Security recipients, federal retirees

The bill uses a different cost-of-living adjustment index to bring the adjustment to 3%.

Chairman to exit Thrift Board next week

Embattled Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board chairman Michael Kennedy will exit the agency June 30 as part of a Trump administration overhaul of the agency.

White House pushes Thrift Board to back off China index investment

Citing national security and economic risks, senior officials instructed the Secretary of Labor to overturn plans by the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board to buy a fund that includes investments in China.

GOP lawmakers seek limits on foreign TSP investments

A House bill lands as a veterans group steps up efforts to lobby the military and the White House against investment in Chinese defense firms.

White House floats 1% pay raise for civilian feds in 2021 budget

Democrats in Congress and federal employee unions are pushing legislation for a 3.5% pay hike.