Army plans 2012 release of major IT contract

The contract, ITES-3H, will support the Army’s requirements for commercial hardware and more.

How microservers could change the data center

Find out why some experts think microservers are going to give the boot to virtualization in many large datacenters.

Ditch the data center groupthink and consider a new efficiency option

The picky power eaters in a tiny package aim to be the mighty mites of the data center.

Agencies must determine computer security teams in face of potential federal shutdown

The number of essential IT staff members needed during a government shutdown would be much larger than in the monthlong furlough of 1995. Then, the focus was not on guarding the nation's systems against a cyberattack.

Why 2010 is the year of the virtual data center

Agencies focused on virtualized servers for greater efficiency are seeing only half of the picture, according to Christopher Poelker, vice president of Enterprise Solutions at FalconStor Software. A look at why 2010 will emerge as the year for virtualized storage virtual data centers.

Time is running out for aging Windows apps

Microsoft warns that Windows XP Service Pack 2, Vista RTM, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 won't be supported much longer, according to the lifecycle support blog.

Vulnerability in DISA security scripts could leave systems at risk

DISA warns government users not to run Unix Readiness Review Scripts until it fixes a vulnerability.