On Mars, it's as if the shutdown never happened

NASA kept its rover Curiosity on course during the shutdown. Plus: NOAA assesses impact on satellite programs.

Fed tweeters back in action

The end of the shutdown brings expressions of relief, 140 characters at a time.

Feds to get back pay after shutdown

Furloughed employees and those who stayed on the job without pay will be compensated.

How to come back

Managers returning to work after a furlough face several challenges to get back up and running.

Will returning feds head for the exits?

The shutdown and its furloughs might be the final straw for some federal employees, giving managers a potential morale challenge.

Shutdown hobbles advanced computer project

Google's quantum computer effort housed at NASA's Ames Research Center was another casualty of the government shutdown.

Feds face insurance bills

If the government shutdown is not lifted soon, federal employees will begin receiving bills for some insurance premiums.

World to US: You are destroying yourself!

As the world watches the government shutdown and the debt ceiling debate, America's reputation sinks.

Some inconvenient shutdown truths

Do the shutdown politics and coverage make your head spin? Alan Balutis offers a reality check.

What's so special about federal fellows?

A reader wonders if a recent article on the effects of the shutdown on federal fellowships means FCW is not concerned about the rest of the federal workforce.

Federal fellows take an unwanted break

The government shutdown has young innovators eager to get back to work.

H-1B visa holders could be snared by shutdown

Foreign tech workers who need to extend or modify an H-1B visa while the shutdown is in effect will find some needed agency services unavailable.

GCN Gala moved to Nov. 19

Shutdown forces yet another major event postponement.

What the shutdown says to the tech workforce

The shutdown is but one of several factors sending a discouraging message to the federal workforce, and to talented students and professionals who could be potential new hires.

House passes bill to keep paychecks coming

White House threatens to veto measure that would pay essential employees during shutdown.

Geospatial conference postponed

U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation announces that DOD's current travel restrictions make the GEOINT conference, planned to take place in Tampa, untenable.

VA furloughs 2,700 IT employees

As carrryover funding runs out, department succumbs to shutdown.