Small Business

Using startups brings rewards -- and risks

Steve Kelman sorts out the pros and cons of hiring startup firms for government contracts.

The Top 50-woman-owned companies

The top 50 government contractors owned by women did billions of dollars of business with the government in 2011.

The top 50 8(a) firms

The 8(a) program helps many disadvanatged businesses sell their products and services to agencies. Here are the 50 companies that did the most business through the program in fiscal 2011.

Sequstration could cut off some suppliers for agencies

Agencies rely on small firms for their operations, but many of those companies don't have the cushion to survive harsh cutbacks from sequestration.

Are small-business set-asides helping?

After nearly 35 years of small-business contracting goals, it's worth asking how the set-asides are doing in delivering the intended results.

Do small-business preferences make the grade?

Agencies labor mightily to hit small-business contracting targets, but the emphasis on score cards overshadows some larger questions about set-asides.

VA to direct more money to service-disabled vets

VA officials intend to boost their contract awards to veterans.

How a few words could change small-business set-aside picture

The Obama administration is trying to change some wording in the acquisition rules make it easier to set aside R&D solicitations.

Should VA's company database go governmentwide?

VA has a database of verified companies owned by veterans. Other agencies could take advantage of that resource, GAO says.

Contract considerations to include treatment of other companies

The Obama administration wants procurement officials to consider how companies treat their business partners as a factor in making contract decisions.

Agencies told to ensure subcontractors get prompt payments

OMB is asking agencies to report on their progress at speeding up payments.

Agencies fail, again, to meet small-business contracting goals

Small businesses received $91.5 billion in prime contracts last year, falling short of the percentage supposed to go to them.

Small firms 'stiffed' on subcontracts, survey says

The fault though can lie with both the prime contractor and the agency, if there is a fault at all.

GSA job security could increase with schedules revisions

Terminating contracts might seem like a job killer, but some experts predict the opposite effect.

Think small business when buying small things

Administration puts more emphasis on increasing contracts with small businesses.

6 steps for agencies to aid small businesses

OFPP's new leader gives agency officials six steps to increase contracts for businesses through multiple-award contracts.

GSA to close some contracts to new vendors

The GSA Schedules program is about to get some new limitations, official says.