Social Media

What's appropriate on social media? DOD spells it out in new guidance

The Department of Defense released its first departmentwide policy for official accounts and the personnel running them.

Misinformation campaigns and threats are undermining confidence in U.S. elections, official says

CISA is ramping up efforts to defend voting systems from outside intrusion, but the spread of online misinformation and threats against election officials still damage faith in the electoral process.

House Dems urge social media networks not to delete evidence of possible Russian war crimes in Ukraine

Automated and artificial intelligence-enabled systems may be removing and permanently erasing evidence of potential Russian war crimes in Ukraine, lawmakers said this week.

The metaverse is the last thing tech needs

Steve Kelman makes the case for more of "real reality."

Dealing with negative information about your organization in the social media age

Steve Kelman spotlights recent research on when and how to respond to social disapproval.

The brighter side of Facebook

Steve Kelman doesn't dispute Facebook's problems with disinformation and extremism, but he notes that the social media platform can also produce real dialogue and respect -- if one is willing to put in the effort.

Bill would require big social platforms to support data mobility

Under the bill, the Federal Trade Commission would assess data interoperability for platforms with more than 100 million monthly users.

Watchdog: 'Uncertainty' may undermine CBP's enforcement of social media policy

The Office of Inspector General at the Department of Homeland Security found divisions among senior Customs and Border Protection officials about the agency's social media posting policies.

Seeking more civility on Facebook

Steve Kelman discusses his pursuit of a more constructive social network.

They took all the tweets and put 'em in a tweet museum

Twitter cancelled @realdonaldtrump, but the National Archives will bring presidential tweets back via the Trump library website.

Don't keep Trump off Twitter

Steve Kelman contends that free speech -- above and beyond the letter of the First Amendment -- should be supported to the fullest extent possible.

NSA wants NatSec users to mask location data

The spy agency is advising users of Defense Department and National Security Systems to take steps to mask their location data on mobile devices and computers.

Staying ahead of threats on government networks

Why securing data and managing cyber risk must now become critical elements in agency ERM frameworks.

House passes NDAA with TikTok ban

The House of Representatives passed a defense bill for 2021 that authorizes $731.6 billion in defense spending, includes cyber, workforce, acquisition provisions and a ban on the popular social media app Tik Tok on government equipment.

CISA looks to industry for anti-troll tools

The agency is looking to bolster its technical capabilities to identify foreign propaganda online that targets specific audiences in the U.S.

Schumer to TSA: Delete your (TikTok) account

The Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security, TSA's parent agency, have already banned the video-sharing app from federally owned devices, citing risks associated with TikTok's Chinese ownership.

Do federal agencies need to collect more data from social media platforms?

There is appetite in both parties to change the "Wild West" atmosphere of social media platforms, but lawmakers must also navigate privacy issues.