House mulls revival of shuttered tech office

An appropriations bill funding the legislative branch calls for a study of resurrecting the defunct Office of Technology Assessment.

Navy hits refresh button on IT inventory

The Navy projects the updated Applications and Database Management System can save it millions of dollars.

Departing US-CERT boss to launch cyber venture firm

In an exclusive interview with FCW, Ann Barron-DiCamillo talked encryption, the OPM hack and her legacy as director of the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team.

Obama bemoans obsolete tech in budget request

The president put the federal government's portfolio of aging IT systems front and center in his final budget request to Congress.

Are feds missing the boat on modernization?

In a new survey, federal leaders say they're making digital progress, but most also say they're merely updating old systems, not reinventing processes for the Digital Age.

Obama leans on tech in gun control action

President Barack Obama's executive actions to tighten national gun control include efforts to bolster FBI and ATF databases, as well as spur research and development of safe gun technology.

FITARA set to pick up speed in 2016

Federal CIOs face more deadlines, but are taking new powers to heart.

Protests resolved, GSA launches agile BPA

GSA has resolved protests around its agile Blanket Purchase agreement, added a vendor and can now begin awarding work.

Ashkan Soltani to join White House tech team

The former Federal Trade Commission chief technologist and Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist will be advising federal CTO Megan Smith.

Congress grants the National Labs a FITARA exemption in omnibus

The $1.1 trillion spending bill includes a FITARA carve-out for the National Labs, some key appropriations for IT improvements and cybersecurity, and lumps of coal for a few problematic programs.

Remembering programming pioneer Ada Lovelace at 200

Ada Lovelace, arguably the first computer programmer, was born 200 years ago today. She worked with Charles Babbage on one of the earliest computers in 1843.

18F, Digital Service are here to stay, CIO says

The new in-house IT consultancies at GSA and OMB will likely outlast the Obama administration, according to federal CIO Tony Scott.

Carnegie Mellon professor to serve as FTC's chief technologist

Carnegie Mellon University professor Lorrie Faith Cranor will replace Ashkan Soltani as chief technologist, the consumer protection agency announced on Dec. 3.

Can U.S. border tech detect fake passports?

The Paris terror attacks prompted debate in the United States on a number of policy issues, including passport security.

GSA IT is vulnerable, IG says

The IG's semiannual report details integration and security troubles haunting GSA investments.

Is electronic warfare stuck in the 20th century?

Pentagon officials say the convergence of electronic warfare and cyberspace is upon us, and it presents both opportunities and threats.

The future of cloud: Moving up the value chain

Cloud technology is reducing costs and enhancing agencies' focus on what to do with data instead of how to store or manage it. And that is only the beginning.