The Lectern

Storytelling and slide decks

Steve Kelman shares ideas about how to inject narrative techniques into your humdrum PowerPoint presentations.

Practical ideas for managing polarization at work

Steve Kelman flags a paper that suggests that a "receptive mindset" can help bridge polarization gaps inside organizations.

Non-traditional contractors grow up

The Digital Services Coalition, a trade association representing non-traditional IT contractors, is out with a new strategic plan.

Performance measurement is alive and well

Steve Kelman reviews the current slate of the Biden administration's priority performance goals and corrects the record about the use of performance management.

The metaverse is the last thing tech needs

Steve Kelman makes the case for more of "real reality."

COVID and U.S. culture -- with lessons for government officials

Steve Kelman suggests that agencies need to put more emphasis on nudges.

Is performance measurement a fad that has now come and gone?

Steve Kelman warns that a constant priority under the previous four presidents is getting far less attention from the Biden administration.

A ‘friend from the city’ making her mark on government contracting

Steve Kelman reports on a new addition to the cohort of non-traditional government contractors.

Note to managers: A little recognition goes a long way

Steve Kelman shares research on the impact a simple thank-you note can have with the workforce.

A non-traditional IT contractor looks a gift horse in the mouth

Steve Kelman checks in with Agile Six, and that firm's efforts to adapt to labor rates on a major VA contract.

The Biden war on administrative burdens

Steven Kelman calls attention to new efforts to reduce red tape.

First thoughts on the new President's Management Agenda

Steve Kelman worries that politics may be be too prominent in the Biden administration's blueprint for management reform.

The hard benefits of soft skills

Steve Kelman shares the insights of economist David Deming.

Dealing with negative information about your organization in the social media age

Steve Kelman spotlights recent research on when and how to respond to social disapproval.

Young civic tech star featured in Boston Globe

Steve Kelman revisits the work Chris Kuang is doing to bring recent grads into government tech roles.

The brighter side of Facebook

Steve Kelman doesn't dispute Facebook's problems with disinformation and extremism, but he notes that the social media platform can also produce real dialogue and respect -- if one is willing to put in the effort.