The Lectern

Signs that 'faceless bureaucrats' helped mitigate the impact of Hurricane Ian

A look at cities and towns in the path of Hurricane Ian that escaped devastation points to the value of modern building codes – and the officials behind their implementation.

A U.S diplomatic organization that works

How a short video speaks volumes about current U.S. approaches to diplomacy in China.

Moderates of the world, unite!

The time may have come for normally reserved political centrists to raise their voices.

Coding it Forward fellows share their stories

Two college students planning careers in tech told Steve Kelman why they chose to prioritize government service.

GenCyber: NSA sets up summer camps to teach kids to hack

Steve Kelman finds the normally secretive agency's camps an intriguing way to offer a taste of cybersecurity careers to middle and high school students.

Customer service at the National Security Agency

Steve Kelman finds a helping hand in the highly secretive spy shop.

Steve Kelman reports from his 50th college reunion

After a two-year delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Harvard College class of 1970 got the chance to reconnect.

A hopeful update on the President's Management Agenda

Steve Kelman says there's a lot to like in the Biden administration's approaches to improving citizen satisfaction, employee engagement and acquisition reform

Should the FDA have done more months ago about an impending baby formula shortage?

Steve Kelman asks whether any well-placed Food and Drug Administration officials could have anticipated the current baby formula shortage.

Good decision, bad outcome

Steve Kelman shares an important lesson from the smartest person he knows.

Storytelling and slide decks

Steve Kelman shares ideas about how to inject narrative techniques into your humdrum PowerPoint presentations.

Practical ideas for managing polarization at work

Steve Kelman flags a paper that suggests that a "receptive mindset" can help bridge polarization gaps inside organizations.

Non-traditional contractors grow up

The Digital Services Coalition, a trade association representing non-traditional IT contractors, is out with a new strategic plan.

Performance measurement is alive and well

Steve Kelman reviews the current slate of the Biden administration's priority performance goals and corrects the record about the use of performance management.

The metaverse is the last thing tech needs

Steve Kelman makes the case for more of "real reality."

COVID and U.S. culture -- with lessons for government officials

Steve Kelman suggests that agencies need to put more emphasis on nudges.