DOJ seeks help with telecom transition

The Justice Department is the latest agency to seek help from industry in navigating the coming transition to a new $50 billion telecommunications contract.

EPA plans tilt to agile

The Environmental Protection Agency wants to build agility into the acquisition process, move to procure IT services from vendors who specialize in agile and to try to move the culture of the whole agency toward agile methodologies.

DHS to discuss emergency radio jamming threat

The Science and Technology Directorate announced plans for the 2017 First Responder Electronic Jamming Exercise.

Consolidation could be coming to federal radar

Multiple agencies are participating in an FAA-led bid to optimize spectrum use for aircraft and weather surveillance.

SSA looks for cyber risk help

The Social Security Administration holds highly sensitive data on nearly all Americans and is looking for ideas on how to keep it safe.

18F seeks info on ID verification

As part of an ongoing project to develop a shared identity authentication platform, 18F is asking industry for insight and experience on validating state-issued IDs.

Tech to help track parachute deployment

The Army wants an IT solution to track cargo and personnel parachute inventory.

Army seeks to retool mobile radar to track drones

The Army said it has an urgent requirement for new software to upgrade its workhorse AN/TPQ-53 mobile radar so it can track threats from unmanned aerial systems.

CMS looks to get more collaborative

The agency wants to create a web-based collaboration space for its efforts to improve Medicare service delivery.

Army kicks off cyber and EW prototyping experiment

An annual prototyping experiment will give the Army a chance to size up emerging cyber and electronic warfare technologies.

IC wants sensors to evaluate personnel performance

Working in the intelligence community can be stressful. The IC's research arm wants to use sensors to evaluate how people respond to the demands of the job.

State Department eyes electronic health records

The State Department plans to deploy a new global electronic health record system to support U.S. diplomatic missions worldwide.

Army wants better crypto for radios

The Army is preparing for a significant security upgrade for its battlefield equipment.

Naval Research Lab wants cyber risk help

The Naval Research Laboratory has plenty of IT systems that need certifying for cyber risk.

DHS wants agile delivery services

DHS is looking to capitalize on cloud computing, agile development and mobile technologies to find innovative ways to deliver IT services.

Air Force looks for 'software-defined' spectrum

The Air Force wants to use advances in software and hardware to make its radio communications more adaptable to various mission environments -- without sacrificing security.

Navy to groom 'ethical hackers'

So-called "red teamers" are in high demand and less-than-full supply at the Defense Department.