Tool and App Development

Kessel Run works through growing pains

The Air Force's deputy CIO, Lauren Knausenberger, said the military branch's popular software factory has been a "victim of its own success" as it navigates trying to keep the spark as it gets bigger.

D.C museum rethinks visitor tech with social distancing in mind

User apps are a key for African American History and Culture museum's post COVID-19 exhibits, according to a top developer.

Achieving gains in government IT performance with DevSecOps

Defense agencies in particular are embracing the idea of blending development, security and operations from day one.

DOD wants to overhaul its software development by 2025

The Defense Department wants virtually all of its new software initiatives to use modern software development methodologies, such as agile and DevSecOps, by 2025.

Army eyes Kessel Run model to boost software capabilities

The Army's chief technology officer, William Robinson, said the service is planning to emulate the Air Force's model to improve computing at the edge.

Agencies look to 'low code' to speed development

Increasingly federal agencies are looking to easy-to-use "low code" development techniques to build public-facing apps.

DOD to get interim agile software rules

A new adaptive acquisition framework being rolled out by the Defense Department will boost software development.

NSA official: 'Dumb' software supply chain attacks still prevalent

Vulnerabilities in the software supply chain may represent a larger cybersecurity threat over the long haul than threats to physical hardware.

How VA is disrupting tech delivery

A former Digital Service specialist at the Department of Veterans Affairs explains efforts to transition government from a legacy "project" approach to a more user-centered "product" method.

Agile software and flying cars top Air Force acquisition priorities

Will Roper, the Air Force's acquisition head is pushing for a new flying car project and massively scaled agile software development processes across the service.

QSSI gets a 1-year extension on health care data hub

A long and drawn-out procurement including four rounds of protests and multiple federal lawsuits means that the incumbent contractor charged with maintaining a key piece of the Affordable Care Act infrastructure gets another year on the job.

USAF's Kessel Run looks to industry for developers

The Air Force's agile software delivery system wants to expand its employee base, and is turning to industry for more people.

Why user buy-in is the key to blockchain success

An organization can't put a blockchain vision in motion unless employees understand and buy into the impact it will have on them, the entire organization and its business processes

Mission-driven design thinking

Identify customers, listen to their needs and map their journeys to identify pain points and areas for improvement and reinvention.

Hiccups for CBP's new port system as it nears completion

Customs and Border Protection's years-long march toward a unified import-export data system is nearing conclusion, but not without a couple of last-minute glitches.

How automated tools can unlock IT challenges

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are changing government IT.

Box brings milspec security to its entire platform

DOD's authorization for Impact Level 4 means controls for sensitive unclassified information are now in place for all customers. FedRAMP High authorization is in the works, and will also be platform-wide.