Federal CIO tees up 7 new TMF awards

The awards, the first since TMF's $1 billion plus-up in the American Rescue Plan Act, are expected to be made public soon.

White House names Mina Hsiang to lead USDS

Mina Hsiang is the first woman and first Asian-American to lead the innovation shop. She was part of the U.S. Digital Service when it was launched after the troubled rollout.

A career fed does a stint at USDS

Steve Kelman checks in with procurement innovator and past Fed 100 winner Mark Junda on his latest chapter.

Biden signs Rescue bill, boosting TMF and adding pandemic leave for feds

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act was signed into law on Thursday. In addition to a massive influx of funding to support Americans harmed by the economic fallout of the pandemic, there is funding available for IT modernization and provision to help the federal workforce cope with COVID-19.

House passes Rescue package with TMF funding

The $1.9 trillion bill is aimed at Americans suffering financial hardships from the pandemic, but in the federal IT community, the bill will be remembered for the dramatic expansion of the Technology Modernization Fund.

Martorana to take over as federal CIO

The OPM tech chief is moving to the White House to lead civilian federal IT policy.

Two tech titans take on 18F and USDS

Steve Kelman hits a nerve regarding the civic tech crowd, and asks if the criticism is warranted.

Can better data improve federal hiring?

Alternative hiring assessments show promise for improving the yield of successful applicants from federal job postings.

Biden charts governmentwide 'equity agenda'

The OMB director and the head of the Domestic Policy Council will play key roles in implementing the objectives of a new executive order, which eliminates a Trump-era purge of diversity training materials and include the creation of a new data working group .

A good sign from the new administration about USDS

Steve Kelman notes the strong indicators that the U.S. Digital Service -- and a commitment to digital government more broadly -- are now integral to the federal ecosystem.

Wyden seeks funds for USDS, 18F to help states amid COVID-19

Senators push for USDS, 18F to ramp help to states struggling with legacy tech.

Trump budget seeks $150M boost for TMF

Despite two consecutive years of congressional lowballing, the administration is looking to boost the Technology Modernization Fund with a $150 million addition in fiscal year 2021.

18F gets into defense and intel

The innovation squad turns its talents to technology and acquisition challenges facing defense and intelligence agencies.

Rethinking acquisition with the end user in mind

How the U.S. Digital Service takes the temperature of acquisition culture as a prelude to reform.

USDS budget cut forces focus on core capabilities

The White House tech team that was formed to save in 2014 is returning to its roots as a 911 squad for government tech.

HHS teams up with USDS for IT hires

The Department of Health and Human Services is teaming up with the US Digital Service to hire for IT roles to advance health care modernization.