IG: VA wasted more than $7M in poorly-planned tech refresh

Technology buyers at the Department of Veterans Affairs wasted more than $7 million in software licenses and hardware in an uncoordinated tech refresh, according to the agency's internal watchdog.

The perils and promise of software-defined data centers

Proponents say SDDC could revolutionize the data center, but real-world proof of its effectiveness is hard to find.

New data center guidance shifts emphasis from consolidation to optimization

OMB's Data Center Optimization Initiative gives agencies new metrics and goals for fiscal 2018.

Dispelling the myth of 'perfect' security

A new approach called micro-segmentation is easy to deploy, requires fewer security resources and could be the key to streamlining risk management.

One year after outage, MSPB shakes up tech shop

The Merit Systems Protection Board is reassigning its long-serving CIO in the wake of a systems outage that continues to ripple through the agency.

DHS seeks smarter smart cards

An RFI for personal identity verification card technology and integration follows a summer of cybersecurity concerns and PIV testing across the federal government.

So many credentials: 23 certifications in high demand

Here's a list of almost two dozen IT certifications that are in high demand in both government and the private sector.

New DISA deputy wants to fortify networks

A few weeks into the job, Maj. Gen. Sarah Zabel is calling on the Defense Information Systems Agency to do a better job of making Pentagon networks more resilient and secure.

In search of virtualization

Responding to calls from Congress and the Pentagon, several Defense Department components are seeking better virtualization technologies.

Feds talk app stores

Mobility is just as much about apps as it is devices. But vetting and featuring good apps is still a challenge for federal agencies.

Want digital services tips? Watch Singapore

The Southeast Asian city-state's government may have cracked the code for providing the services citizens actually want online: listen, don't force.

Back-end of remains in development

HHS internal watchdog recommends automated IT for advance payments under the health care law.

Government lags in point-of-contact satisfaction

Use of agency websites as the preferred avenue of citizen contact with government nearly doubled in just two years, says a new study.

Knowledge transfer through discovery

Rules and data are relatively easy to share, but capturing an organization's deep, experience-based knowledge requires special effort.

Everybody talks about the weather …

The National Weather Service wants to do something about it, and has enlisted social scientists and data experts to devise social media and visualization strategies.

How many parties does it take to provide a single government login?

Identity management is central to efforts to make a wide range of IT activities secure, but streamlining the process is essential.