Los Alamos Lab launches private cloud

The Energy Department’s Los Alamos National Laboratory has launched a private cloud that lets researchers automatically request virtual servers on-demand.

States' IT needs clash with federal policies

NASCIO President Stephen Fletcher, a former fed, discusses the need for better state/federal coordination, the unintended costs of data center consolidation, and the need to protect personal identities at the state level.

Agencies trying to wring more value from virtualization

Despite challenges, agencies hope to fully adopt client, server and storage virtualization by 2015.

Microsoft pushes new directions at Partner Conference

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Bob Muglia, president of Microsoft's Server and Tools Business, discussed the company's major cloud computing efforts at the opening of Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference.

Flatten your network to consolidate data centers

Network consolidation -- "flattening" -- is not the only component, but it is a key element of simplifying data center operations and improving data center performance, some industry experts say.

For agencies, cloud's future lies between hype and reality

The technology is there and security is rapidly improving, but agencies now must decide if they're ready for the dramatic changes cloud computing can bring.

US IT pros concerned about cloud security

Nearly half of U.S. IT professionals surveyed believe that the risks of cloud computing outweigh its benefits.

Dark cloud: Study finds security risks in virtualization

Virtualization is proving its ability to reduce costs, but a new set of security threats is emerging as IT managers struggle to adjust to new ways of managing risk.

Feds, cybersecurity, cloud security take center stage at RSA 2010

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt and FBI chief Robert Mueller will all be taking the keynote stage at annual RSA Security Conference and Expo.

Salvation from the 7 deadly sins of cloud computing

The Cloud Security Alliance released the first version of its "Top Threats to Cloud Computing" report today at the RSA Security Conference.

Study gauges interest in cloud computing, green IT

The survey found that one in three government IT professionals expect to implement a social networking initiative in the next 12 months, independent of any stimulus funds their agency may receive.

Feds could get access to advanced cloud-computing technologies

Microsoft and National Science Foundation team up to provide cloud-computing tools to certain users.

Microsoft to Congress: Time to seed cloud computing

Privacy, security, and international sovereignty issues need congressional attention, says Brad Smith, senior Microsoft executive.

Governments weigh the pros and cons of private clouds

Cloud computing is a tough sell to governments because of privacy and security concerns. Private clouds could make the difference.

10 technologies to watch in 2010

Government policies on information sharing, mobility, more efficient networking and, of course, security help define the technologies that will be hot this year.

14 tech firms form cybersecurity alliance for government

A new testing center, part of an effort led by Lockheed Martin and 13 IT companies, will allow for collaboration on developing better cyber defenses.