DOD IG audit cites five programs for updating cyber requirements

The Pentagon's watchdog says the five weapons programs it audited have been updating cybersecurity requirements to defend against identified threats.

Group warns of gaps in election infrastructure

The security of voting infrastructure has come a long way since 2016, but it still depends on the state and local governments maintaining it, said a digital rights and election technology expert.

DOD watchdog can't prove White House interference in $10B JEDI award

An oversight report found several missteps and cases of ethical misconduct, but could not substantiate allegations of White House interference in the award of the $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract to Microsoft.

House Dems push improved protections for agency watchdogs

Congress wants CIGIE’s input on new legislation to safeguard Inspectors General from political interference.

Trump shakes up official watchdog ranks

The White House removed an official designated to provide oversight to the $2 trillion rescue and relief fund and nominated a raft of new appointees to handle oversight chores at multiple agencies.

At hearing, IGs look to curb reprisals against whistleblowers

The Trump impeachment and trial put whistleblowers in the public eye, but behind the headlines, officials say, agency whistleblowers are subject to reprisal.

Union presses to suspend ruling on workplace impeachment talk

An emergency motion would pause an Office of Special Counsel policy designed to tamp down federal workplace advocacy of impeachment.

Report: Agency upheaval spark big dips in job satisfaction

Employee unhappiness with labor disputes and agency reclocations are showing up in the "Best Place to Work in Federal Government" report for 2019

'Technical irregularities' plagued contact chaining at NSA

ODNI's privacy czar said bad data from telecoms irrevocably tainted the contact-chaining process that was at the heart of the NSA's Call Detail Records program.

OTA revival hits a wall

Despite a big push from a dedicated group determined to bring back the Office of Technology Assessment, it's unclear whether many in Congress are prepared to expend political capital on the issue.

NSA says it can collect metadata for encrypted comms

During a hearing to discuss reauthorization for a number of controversial spying authorities, intelligence and law enforcement officials indicated they could sweep up logistical records related to encrypted communications.

GAO imagines the future of oversight

In a new Innovation Lab, a vision of audit tech with big data and expanded reach begins to take shape.

NSA official: 'Dumb' software supply chain attacks still prevalent

Vulnerabilities in the software supply chain may represent a larger cybersecurity threat over the long haul than threats to physical hardware.

Digital rights group sues DHS over warrantless surveillance at border

The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a lawsuit demanding the release of legal and training documents that could shed new light on the government's use of GPS trackers for vehicles entering the United States.

House Dems welcome watchdog probe of FBI building

The Department of Justice Inspector General is launching a probe into the decision to scuttle a longstanding plan to move FBI headquarters to a suburban location and allow commercial development on the current downtown site.

Why CIOs need a seat at the top table

Think of any mission-critical challenge facing any government organization today, and technology is invariably a part of the solution.

Can the IC police foreign disinformation on social media?

The latest Intelligence Authorization bill includes $30 million for a new research center where social media companies, researchers and journalists work together to study and expose online disinformation campaigns.