Web Applications

Technology aids regulation reform

Some agencies find technological tools to help meet presidential demand for reduced regulations.

What startups can teach agencies about IT

Take some tips for IT success from the upstarts, advises HHS official.

Labor accused of scrubbing website of recent rulemaking documentation

Did the Labor Department move too quickly to remove online documents related to a controversial rule aimed at protecting child farm workers from heavy machinery?

170,000 military dating-site users exposed, hackers say

An affiliate of the LulzSec hacker group is claiming it obtained and published personally-identifiable information for 170,000 military personnel.

White House reinforces mobile initiative

Obama directs agencies to implement a new intiative to help citizens more easily access government information and services on their mobile devices.

USCIS launches first online form

US Citizenship and Immigration Services claimed an important milestone in their transformation initiative to a digital agency with the debut of the agency's first online form.

Building a mobile strategy

New administration plans for mobile computing and digital strategy depend on getting the data right.

NOAA's innovative climate website gets cutback in House

House lawmakers approved only a single cutback to the proposed Commerce and Justice department budgets this week, targeting a new climate website.

Which agency's websites are outscoring Amazon for customer satisfaction?

Agencies benefit from customer satisifaction when users are content to use the website rather than telephone or walk-in service.

SSA introduces new personalized online statements

The SSA's new online records system could suffer from errors in the agency's database or users trying to use stolen personal information.

FBI proposing 'wiretapping' law for social media, Web email, according to report

The FBI is preparing to seek authority to access Web-based social media networks, email and instant messages for law enforcement investigations of suspected illegal activity.

Data.gov launches developer community

Developer.data.gov is the latest in a growing list of communities designed to make practical use of the government's datasets.

USAJobs.gov user satisfaction hasn't recovered from last year's nosedive

After the debut of the new iteration of USAJobs fizzled, user satisifaction dropped and has still not recovered.

Citizens have an appetite for more digital government worldwide, survey shows

Digital government services are on a roll, and the next generation of services could include electronic mailboxes and secure identification as a service, according to a new survey by Accenture.

Government-specific social networks on the rise

A survey showed some shifts in how government agencies are utilizing social networking and Web tools.

Most federal websites still not ready for mobile access, survey finds

Agencies trail private sector in making mobile-ready sites.

Virtual worlds emerge within agencies

Having cut their teeth in Second Life, agencies are increasingly building their own virtiual environments.