Windows 7

Windows 7 patch fixes Vista upgrade stopper

Microsoft issued a "Fix it"-style patch for a Windows 7 upgrade problem for Vista users that results in a system hang.

Windows 7 upgrade 'hacks' not legal, Microsoft suggests

Microsoft has been trying to clarify details on upgrading to Windows 7 for individual users, but it's been a bumpy ride at best.

Windows 7 and netbooks: A bad mix

The Lab tests Windows 7 on streamlined notebook computers, only to find that the new OS reduced performance benchmarks substantially.

Microsoft investigates Windows 7 upgrade troubles

The complaints started late last week in the Microsoft Answers forum for Windows 7. Users appear to be experiencing two distinct problems: Windows 7's installation process cutting short at 62 percent completion and endless rebooting.

Will Google's Android 2 be a smart-phone spoiler?

The release of the Motorola Droid by Verizon Wireless has many reviewers touting it as the biggest threat yet to the popular Apple iPhone. Many observers also believe that the once written-off Android could outsell devices based on the BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Palm Pre platforms.

Windows 7: Real advance or just Vista-plus?

New Microsoft OS offers a few improvements over Vista, but not many. And it does not fix many of Vista's annoyances, our review finds.

Windows 7 readers talk

Readers talk back.

Windows 7: Small step for Vista or giant leap?

Is Windows 7 a major advance over Windows Vista, or just a service pack in a new-product box?

Deja Vista: That's the impression that we got about Windows 7

With the release of Windows 7 yesterday, GCN Lab Director John Breeden responds to reader comments about his review of Microsoft's next-generation operating system.

Federal agencies expected to make broad move to Windows 7

A new survey suggests federal information technology managers expect to adopt Microsoft’s new Windows 7 operating system more broadly and more quickly than they did with Microsoft’s Vista OS.

Windows 7: Readers respond to our review

Federal Computer Week readers had a variety of reactions to John Breeden's review of Microsoft Windows 7, which judged the new operating system to be solid but not all that much of an advance over its predecessor, Vista.

Windows 7 review: 'New' OS is just Vista with small changes

Microsoft's Windows 7 has been touted as a new, better-running operating system. But despite the addition of a few handy features, the GCN Lab finds that it looks just like the Vista OS, has a lot of the same annoying quirks as Vista and delivers no difference in performance from Vista.

Federal agencies prepare to make the leap from XP to Windows 7

Agencies still using XP can make the jump to Windows 7, although the upgrade path could be tricky in spots. Microsoft and other vendors have set up programs to help with the transition.

At a glance

The Apple Macintosh operating system and various Windows operating systems differ in many ways, but they each have their Achilles' heel.

For some users, Windows 7 upgrade could take 20 hours

Tests conducted by Microsoft show that upgrades from Windows Vista to Windows 7 will be about 5 percent faster than previous upgrades involving Vista. But in certain situations, "faster" could mean more than 20 hours.