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9/11 bill plugs holes

Legislation containing provisions to shore up homeland security weaknesses awaits the president’s signature.


Bush approves 9/11 bill

The legislation lets grants be awarded on a risk-based system, eases foreign travel through the Visa Waiver Program, and requires 100 percent screening of all aviation and maritime cargo within five years.

IT Modernization

DHS to update 20-year-old immigration system

The department is seeking project management support services for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement division's Office of Detention and Removal.


DOJ's case management system enters design phase

The department plans to deploy the Litigation Case Management System by October 2008.

DOJ gains greater oversight of FBI

A new program lets the department inspect all aspects of the bureau's national security program to ensure compliance with laws.


DOJ looks to replace Web security package

The department issued an RFI on a system that would replace its suite of commercial software.



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Career conference gets Web savvy

OPM and the Partnership for Public Service are holding a Virtual National Career Services Conference this week.


Former NYC official urges wider use of GIS

Alan Leidner tells InfraGard National Conference audience that geographic information systems can contribute to protecting critical infrastructure.


USDA seeks replacement for aging financial management system

The Agriculture Department wants to replace a mainframe financial system that is used to pay one-third of all federal employees.

FlipSide: Government IT doppelgngers lets users upload pictures and compare their faces with those in a database of more than 3,200 celebrity photos.


DHS expands its biometric database

The Homeland Security Department is expanding its Automated Biometric Identification System to include biometric data collected for immigration, intelligence, law enforcement and national security programs.


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IT Modernization

Two U.S. ports unveil emergency communications systems

Los Angeles and Houston install Web-based control centers that centralize functions to speed internal and external communications.

Report urges feds to respect local laws, regulations

A new report recommends that Congress and federal agencies respect the need for balance between nationwide uniformity and creative diversity.