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Alan Radding

IT Modernization

4 ingredients of safe storage every manager should know about

This analysis discusses four storage technologies that have recently gained traction in the market: Massive Array of Idle Disks, Switched Bunch of Disks, Perpendicular disks and USB thumb drives.

IT Modernization

Jewels among storage standards

The second of a two-part article looking at emerging technologies.

IT Modernization

Mastering a moving market

As new standards stir up enterprise storage, here's what forward-thinking managers can expect.

IT Modernization

Spinning a new tune

Agencies interested in disk-based backup face a slew of options.

IT Modernization

Know your network

Milwaukee County uses discovery tool to keep network humming.


EPA takes the pain out of patching

Automated approach lets agency spread security patches far and wide .


Internal medicine for what ails you

Business process management means rethinking how an organization functions

IT Modernization

Core components and technology tools of BPM

Forrester Research analysts classify business process management vendors into five categories.

IT Modernization

Roll with the changes

Desktop migration tools aim to smooth mass software upgrades


Working on the Web

Tips for making the most of online collaboration systems

IT Modernization

The inner workings of SRM

Storage resource management (SRM) products can manage storage-area networks (SANs), network-attached storage and direct-attached storage.

IT Modernization

Keeping track of storage

Storage resource management helps IT staff do better capacity planning

IT Modernization

Deploying SRM