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Aliya Sternstein


The digital big bang

In FCW’s 20 years, nothing has changed government IT more than the Internet. Here are five ways the Web changed our world.


FAA to block wireless activity near agency networks

It has signed a contract with a small business to install a wireless intrusion-detection system at air traffic control centers, FAA training centers and headquarters.

NNSA supercomputer is world's second fastest

It is the fastest general-purpose machine available to the Energy Department’s three NNSA labs.

IT Modernization

FTI delay leaves FAA paying for two systems at once

The agency now plans to complete the transition to the FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure by December 2008, not December 2007 as originally planned.

Ecma International approves Office Open XML standard

The standard will join the Open Document Format as approved file standards for documents.

NASA, space sector throw party for future space leaders

Space agency wants to attract students to work toward 2020 moon missions.



Sen. Smith and Rep. Schiff win Cyber Champ titles; SGI supercomputer sharpens NWS winter weather forecasting skills; Foreign governments turn to nonproprietary file formats


Web extra: County clerks like Webcasting

Technology saves time and makes process of taking minutes and responding to requests easier.


Webcasting offers window into government

More municipalities use the technology to put public meetings and training videos online.


Verdict out on cameras in Supreme Court

Although legislation to allow video coverage of proceedings has been circulating since at least the 105th Congress, none of the bills has been enacted, according to a new report.


Stolen DOT computers lead to laptop theft ring

Investigators still are not certain if data on one of the laptops had been encrypted.

Web 2.0 for feds

A few federal agencies have ventured into the virtual realm of wikis, avatars and video sharing known as Web 2.0.

Democratic leaders vow to focus on research

Pelosi says a Democratic-led House will try to fix basic science education problems.

DOE supercomputer could aid global warming research

The system, which will be developed in the next five years, could also help in researching nuclear weapon decay and human genome mapping.



Competing competitiveness agendas; Shake-up in the supercomputer rankings.


DOI financial, business management system goes live

Interior takes a big step toward consolidating its financial and business management platforms.


Weak education system threatens U.S. innovation, study says

Right now, the United States still leads the pack, but that could change, a Council on Competitiveness report states.

IT Modernization


Only NASA can prevent forest fires; Read the fine print; Decode IPv6 and win prizes; Students hit the books to stop terrorists.


A career as a secrecy watchdog

Steven Aftergood condemns the abuses of overclassification, excessive secrecy.


DOT faces new security challenges in 2007

Risk analyst says process improvements could lapse if Congress relaxes oversight.