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Allan Holmes


FCW@20: Worn down from budget battle

IRM officials said they fear that many of their staff members, tired of being caught in the middle of the budget battle, may look for jobs in the private sector.


Defining breakthrough performance

Asking the experts


Who we believe

A poll shows that Americans trust government to give them useful information about a terrorist attack, but they question IT's role in delivering the message.


Proposed map initiative a no-show at local level

U.S. diplomacy has not been successful below the federal level

Ronen named head of FGIPC/IAC

Boards name Joiwind Ronen the executive director of the two organizations


Flyzik forming consulting firm

Guerra, Kiviat & Flyzik will advise companies on how to do business with government


Homeland work on fast track

Transition team ready to deliver basic tech services


Homeland dept. poised for launch

Many pieces of the new department would be ready to go within a month, Cooper says


West lays out FGIPC agenda

Acting president says training, close ties to councils important to future

Making the list

It is arguable that lists, much like statistics, can be used to support varying, and even opposing, viewpoints. The methodology and criteria that list-compilers choose determine who comes out on top and who may not make a list at all.

Congressmen ease IT worries

Two Congressmen say that the impasse over the presidential election would have no longterm impact on hightech policies or federal IT funding


Don't be dazzled by e-gov

By focusing technology on improving internal business operations, agencies can streamline operations and save billions of dollars, an Oracle exec says


GSA sets early accessibility deadline

Agencies should make their most popular World Wide Web pages accessible to the disabled by July 26

Fed portal lures IT execs

A federal information technology company plans to launch a World Wide Web portal next month that will provide information to government employees. Plans for may also include ecommerce applications.

FCW's Web site wins national award

Federal Computer Week received a top national award this week for its online news coverage.

Senate IT specialist moves to Armed Services Committee

A key Senate staffer who oversaw and led federal information technology management and purchasing reforms has accepted a position on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Army awards IT training support pact

The Army Simulation Training and Instrumentation Command (Stricom) today announced it has awarded a $64 million training support contract to AAI Engineering Support Inc.

Stillman to resign from FGIPC

Neil Stillman has said he plans to resign as president of the Federation of Government Information Processing Council

House forms Y2K task force to work with Senate

Reps. Constance Morella (RMd.) and Steve Horn (RCalif.), both of whom have led the House's investigation into how the federal government is managing Year 2000 fixes, have been appointed to lead a task force that will oversee efforts in the public and private sectors to address the millennium bug.

Agencies given Y2K warning

The General Accounting Office reported last month that agencies face 'serious vulnerabilities' in their attempts to fix computers for the Year 2000 date problem and that the White House needs to do more to fix the systems in time. In its report, 'Year 2000 Computing Crisis: Potential for Widespread