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Alyah Khan

Alyah Khan is a staff writer covering IT policy.

Managers play an important role in employees' work/life balance

There are numerous benefits to helping employees achieve balance between their professional and personal lives, experts say.

Advice for a new generation of feds -- and reminders for the rest

Experts share career advice at the Next Generation of Government Summit.

Time to say goodbye to the employee suggestion box

Agencies should trash their employee suggestion boxes, unless all they want to hear is a bunch of complaints, says one consultant.


Agency reports just a mouse click away under Senate bill

A Senate bill would require the Government Printing Office to start and maintain a website that would publish electronic copies of all agency reports required by Congress.


Potential debt limit fallout paints bleak picture for feds

If Congress fails to raise the government's debt limit before the Aug. 2 deadline, the federal government would face an unprecedented situation and federal employees are bound to be affected.

Budget woes might lead to fewer feds

Employee buyouts and hiring freezes are some of the ways agencies are dealing with tight budgets.

USDA bureau CIO takes early retirement

A bureau CIO at the Agriculture Department is one fed out of many taking advantage of an early retirement offer.

US-CERT director resigns

Randy Vickers, head of the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, has reportedly resigned.


Agencies need to tighten telework coordination, GAO says

Potential agency IT limitations weren't taken into account before the "unscheduled telework" option for federal employees went into effect earlier this year, a new report said.

Union launches campaign in defense of feds

The National Treasury Employees Union's new campaign highlights important services federal employees perform.


Memo to the next federal CIO: Here's the job...

Former government officials share what they expect from Vivek Kundra's successor.

IT Modernization

Federal workspace won't look the same in the future

The federal workspace of the future is going to look very different because of technology, according to the administrator of the General Services Administration.


Government recognizes need to take politics out of procurement, expert says

Political concerns have become increasingly involved in the procurement process, but the government is realizing that its focus should be on the strategic needs of agencies, official says.

Budget crunch makes GSA popular

GSA Administrator Martha Johnson is getting an unprecedented amount of phone calls from agency leaders who want money-saving options.

IT Modernization

The trends that shape the future of federal IT

A senior General Services Administration official said several IT trends will drive what's going on in the federal government for some time.


OPM: What makes a good IT program manager

The Office of Personnel Management recently completed an IT program management competency model to help agencies with workforce planning, training, development, performance management and recruitment.

The biggest threat to federal job security: death

A recent analysis suggests that poor performers in the federal government usually get to keep their jobs.

OMB's press shop joins Twitter

Policy wonks can now follow @OMBPress for the latest news.


Unions seek answers on how debt default would affect feds

A coalition of more than 20 federal employee and management organizations wants to know how the federal workforce would be affected if Congress fails to raise the nation’s debt limit at the start of next month.


New WH memo outlines telework security guidelines

A senior Obama administration official is reminding federal agencies that they must comply with security guidelines while implementing the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010.