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IT Modernization

Quick Look: pcAnywhere bulks up

Version 11.5 addresses some concerns that have prevented government officials from deploying the product on a wide scale.

IT Modernization

Review: Simple single sign-on

Imprivata OneSign stands out among single sign-on security appliances.

IT Modernization

Spam blockers

Antispam appliances use layered filtering to stop spam, viruses.

IT Modernization

Choosing the right solution

Antispam choices include client software, server software, appliances and third-party services.

Mobile Automation lassos roaming PCs

Product review: Mobile Lifecycle Management Suite is one of the few products available that offers full life cycle management capabilities for most mobile devices

InDesign 2.0 improves page design and layout

Product review: InDesign's new capabilities should allow the product to secure a foothold among those needing enterprise-level page-layout tools

Weaving power and ease of use

Dreamweaver MX integrates three popular products

Adobe adds muscle to Web authoring tool

Adobe has been working hard to make its GoLive authoring tool a strong competitor among Web site designers

Fax servers lower costs, ease administration

Tested By Andre Kvitka As easy and reliable as it is to share electronic files via e-mail and the Internet, agencies cannot survive without the ability to share hard-copy documents. And although it incorporates rather ho-hum technology, the fax machine remains the standard way of transmitting paper