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Ania Bernat

Polycom ViewStation SP

The ViewStation SP was the simplest and, at $4,000, the least expensive of the systems we reviewed.

VTEL Galaxy 725 MT

The Galaxy 725 MT is a brand-new PC-based computing product from VTEL that targets the lower-end market.

Joystick-like mouse eases muscle strain

If you've ever been in a position in which you find yourself using a mouse for many hours, you may have experienced stiffness, pain or even numbness in your shoulder, arm, hand or wrist.

Rugged goes mini in Toughbook 33

Looking for an alternative to those hefty laptop computers and messy day planners? Better yet, how about an alternative that can stand some abuse? Panasonic used a light touch in developing its solution, the new ruggedized mininotebook, Toughbook 33. This little notebook weighs 2.6 pounds with its