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Anne A. Armstrong

Armstrong: Doing more with less

The more time alters the stories that FCW has covered for 20 years, the more they stay the same.

Armstrong: Is ethics this difficult?

If you thought procurement rules were complex, take a look at the ethics rules


Anne Armstrong: Fiscal brinkmanship

Timely appropriations should be first and foremost.


A break from bad news

The Federal 100 is our way of saying thanks for what can be a thankless task.

Adams leaving SSA for SRA

Kathleen Adams, assistant deputy commissioner for systems at the Social Security Administration, will leave SSA at the end of September to take a position with SRA International Inc. Adams, who has worked in government for 27 years, will take an earlyout option and become a vice president for stra

Internet tax panel entangled in challenges

The panel Congress created to help solve the problem of whether and how to tax Internet commerce held its first meeting last week in Williamsburg, Va. Only the naive and the hopeless optimists among us really expect congressional commissions to accomplish anything. In the beginning of last week's m

Three feds round up management awards

At the General Services Administration's Roundup '99 being held here, the cadre of trained project managers in government selected three of their number for special performance awards.

Micron program will ease fed PC buys

Micron Electronics announced this week a new PC management program, called Mpower, that is designed to allow government agencies to trade in old PCs for credit on new purchases, set up a comprehensive leasing program and offer to dispose of old PCs in a safe recycling system.

Air Force BPA strategy draws fire

The contracting strategy used by the Air Force's Standard Systems Group to procure replacement blanket purchase agreements for its information technology product and service contracts is drawing fire from vendors claiming that the Air Force is violating the intent of competitive contracting. SSG ha

Lotus nabs two mega Notes buys

The installed base for Lotus Development Corp.'s messaging and groupware product recently expanded, as two federal agencies began rolling out the software to tens of thousands of users. The Environmental Protection Agency will deploy Notes to cover 26,000 email addresses, and the Army Battle Comma

Feds must secure e-mail gateways

A number of the federal government's mail gateways are not secure, according to a CIO Council review of the top 100 federal gateways. The survey, conducted by a workgroup on email issues from the interoperability committee of the CIO Council, identified vulnerabilities such as areas in mail progra

Micron unveils new strategy, products

SUN VALLEY, Idaho Joel Kocher, chairman and chief executive officer of Micron Electronics Inc., said last week that a new management team with a new strategy and new products has the Idaho manufacturer of computers back on course after five stalled quarters. Figuring prominently in the new plans

SSA's Pianalto named Trail Boss of the Year

Vincent Pianalto, program manager for the Social Security Administration's $1.2 billion Cooperative Processing Initiative, won Trail Boss of the Year honors yesterday at the annual meeting of graduates of the General Services Administration's training program for project managers of complex government programs.

Government panels tap Guida for security posts

Richard Guida, a civilian Navy executive who has been serving as associate director of the Navy's nuclear propulsion program, has just been named chairman of the federal Public Key Infrastructure steering committee and Government Information Technology Services Board's security champion.

CBT inks licensing deal with Air Force

CBT Systems Ltd. Menlo Park Calif. signed a licensing agreement this month with the Air Force that gives all Air Force personnel unlimited free access to more than 500 computertraining programs. The contract which has been valued at more than $500 000 runs for one fiscal year and covers interactiv

Air Force flies paperless with Peacock

As part of its effort to reduce paper manuals the Air Force Reserve Command recently completed a proofofconcept demonstration of a paperless electronic aircraft cockpit (Peacock).Begun as a way to collect technical orders for older aircraft and distribute them electronically to flight crews the p