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Anne Armstrong

Chief Content and Alliance Officer

Anne Armstrong is Chief Content and Alliance Officer of Public Sector 360.



In remembrance: Dennis Fischer

The longtime senior fed who served as chief financial officer of the General Services Administration and commissioner of the Federal Technology Service died last week at the age of 80.


Izzy Feldman, founder of GCN, dies at 86

Feldman created publications and conferences that have been linchpins of the government IT community.


Renato 'Renny' DiPentima

For a legend of the federal IT community, decades of mentoring might be his most enduring legacy.


Childs retires after 45 years of government service

As chancellor of NDU's iCollege, Childs brought a new level of IT training to the Defense Department and other agencies.


Fed 100 nominations open

Do you know someone in federal IT who accomplished something momentous in 2012? Nominations are open for the Federal 100 award.


Are small-business set-asides helping?

After nearly 35 years of small-business contracting goals, it's worth asking how the set-asides are doing in delivering the intended results.


EDITORIAL: Technology meets cultural resistance on ID cards

In the United States, cultural and political opposition to a national identity card is all but insurmountable. Yet the need for a workable solution grows more pressing by the day.

Pink slips and budgets

It says a lot about the budget limbo we live in that yet another continuing resolution counts as progress.


FCW Editorial: Summing up the Networx challenges

Now halfway through its contract period, Networx is experiencing some difficulties in getting agencies to transition to the new vendors and the new offerings.

Defining war

The nature of war and aggression has changed rather dramatically over the years, and governments are trying to define when and how to use sophisticated new cyber tools.

The new rules of engagement

Social media has dramatically shifted the accepted views of what defines a journalist and what rules govern the exchanges between journalists and sources.


Déjà vu all over again

Although the concerns have morphed a bit, the government is still struggling to address the challenges FCW highlighted in our first issues back in 1987.

Limiting conference attendance fixes the wrong problem

Legislation that would restrict conferences is already having a chilling effect on government/industry communications, write FCW's Anne Armstrong.

Defense contract auditors caught in crossfire

The Defense Contract Audit Agency has risen to a new level of infamy. The GAO and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee say it is not up to the job of auditing federal contractors. Meanwhile, the industry is complaining about the exact opposite.

Congress once again not doing its most important job

In all but three of the last 30 years, Congress has failed to pass a budget to fund the federal government by the beginning of its new fiscal year. But, no surprise, Congress never fails to fund itself.


Is Transparency Killing Partnership?

Two gatherings last week prompted similar disturbing questions about the current state of relations between government and industry.


To cover the Kundra résumé issue or not to cover, that is the question

There has been a great deal of buzz about the new media, especially from this administration. As a result, we have a whole new class of journalists -- the bloggers who believe if they publish and it is incorrect, some one will correct it -- the Wikipedia approach to news.


Who wants to be the poster child for the next cyber disaster?

I had this whole blog post about cyber security ready and then everyone quit. I kept asking why no one wanted this job and the answer I kept hearing is this is the job with a target on one’s back. No matter how good one is or what one does, someone one, somewhere, will hack into a network. The cyber czar will be the poster child for the latest cyber disaster.

New Group Publisher at 1105 GIG

I’m really pleased to announce the addition of a key partner at 1105 GIG. Jennifer Weiss, currently Vice President and Group Publisher at SourceMedia’s Investment Advisor Group, will join our team as VP and Group Publisher of the print and online properties in August.


DOD at work on social media policy

The first day of the Open Government and Innovations Conference featured lively discussions about transparency and innovation.