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Bill Piatt

Piatt: The key word is 'shared'

The SIGs were formed to focus on areas of common interest to government and industry.


From pyramids to plywood

Perhaps no aspect of the Internet's impact on government operations is more significant than the organizational models the Internet is driving in the private sector.

No vacation from e-gov

August isn't what it used to be. In years past, it was a quiet time when everyone in Washington, D.C., was either on vacation or enjoying the empty restaurants, Metro trains and roads


Portal will help e-gov click

President Clinton's firstever Webcast on June 24 marked the dawn of a new era in electronic government


Information access for all

Innovative federal program managers have moved more than 100 million pages of information onto the Internet during the past five years. Despite these valiant efforts, information is still unnecessarily hard to find and use.


Defining e-government

Do you think about your refrigerator and consider it "technology"? Of course not.


Internet, interagency

There is so much talk about estuff these days that one is tempted to cry out 'enough!' However, just as no one today would refer to their TV remote control or cable as 'technology,' we soon will drop the 'e' because that will just be the way things are.


Citizens @

I recently saw a calendar with this caution: 'Warning! Dates are closer than they appear!' Nothing could be more appropriate for today's world. 'Internet time' has dramatically accelerated the rate of change, making procrastination more costly than ever ? even lifethreatening to slowmoving organizations.


Embrace the new economy

As we enter 2000, perhaps the greatest challenge for all of us is to ensure that the public sector keeps pace with the social transformation it set in motion when it created and unleashed the Internet. We must embrace the fact that the communication made possible by the Internet really does change everything about how the public will expect us to organize service delivery.