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Camille Tuutti

Camille Tuutti is a former FCW staff writer who covered federal oversight and the workforce.

John Mica: Chairman in waiting?

The Florida Republican is likely to be the next chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.


Acquisition mythbusting gets the spotlight

Work for an agency that did great things with acquisition? You might want to consider it for the Myth-busting Award.


Is federal leadership on the decline?

NASA tops the list in the 2012 Best Places to Work analysis, but governmentwide scores drop for the first time.


A modest proposal: Eliminate poor performers first

Sen. Tom Coburn has some questions for OPM about personnel priorities and furloughs.


OMB nudges PortfolioStat to a new level

VanRoekel, Zients stress the importance of agencies delivering IT as a service.


OPM readies exit survey for departing SES members

The government has been missing out on valuable information it could be collecting from leaders who leave.


VA chief of staff resigns

John Gingrich has announced plans to leave the agency by March 31 after decades in public service.

Reporting telework foot-draggers

The Conversation: FCW's reporters and editors respond to your comments.


Rep. John Mica at a glance

The Florida Republican and former Transportation and Infrastructure chairman now heads House Oversight's Government Operations Subcommittee, where federal IT is very much on the agenda.


CDC's Seligman wins Federal 100 President's Award

Longtime CIO suggests that all his agency peers deserve recognition for the 'tremendous difficulties' they face.

Opening congressional reports to the world

A bill would make the reports that agencies generate for Congress much easier for the public to see.

Can the government have too much transparency?

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Richard Spires: The long-term change agent

Drawing on decades of private-sector experience managing complex IT systems, DHS CIO and Eagle Award winner Richard Spires has been a key leader in the department's ongoing effort to unify its IT operations.


Challenges await the next OMB head

Sylvia Mathews Burwell, President Barack Obama’s pick to head the Office of Management and Budget, is expected to be easily confirmed. That may be the last easy thing about the job.

GAO could get more muscle with new bill

Legislation would clarify and expand investigative powers.

GAO finds IRS still struggling with IT security

Review concludes that progress was made in 2012, but serious problems remain unaddressed.


House Oversight Committee floats FISMA update

New bill reprises measure that passed the House but stalled in the Senate in 2012.

Fairly reporting the sequester

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Education Department gets an 'A' in FOIA

Transparency watchdog finds four departments failing in FOIA response, and mediocre grades overall. Get the details on 16 key agencies.