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Carl Peckinpaugh

Part-time military

A Legal View: Law provides protections for those who are called into the armed services

Virginia's spam uncured

A Legal View: Even if the Virginia statute worked perfectly, I still would receive nearly 80 spam e-mail messages every day

Contracting new ideas

In recent years, many government agencies have placed a high premium on innovation in contracting as a means to get things done outside the typical procurement process.

Working in Iraq

A Legal View: There is no reason payment for projects performed in Iraq for the United states would be in jeopardy

War is risky business

A Legal View: Companies are realizing that they are involved in supporting the national defense

Copyrighting competition

A Legal View: A case brought against a manufacturer could determine a law's effect on competition


Contracting conundrum

A Legal View: Defense agencies have less discretion than other agencies when it comes to outsourcing


Counting numbers

A Legal View: Can the question of outsourcing be reduced to a single financial calculation?

Security basics

Encourage government contractors to establish and maintain meaningful computer security procedures

E-Gov Act vs. E-FOIA

I hope that the Bush administration will do more than merely meet the E-Government Act requirements

Constitutional turf battles

A Legal View: GPO is at the center of a turf battle between the executive and legislative branches

Contract bundling

Commentary: Contract bundling pits efficiency against small-business concerns

A balancing act

A Legal View: Federal IT policy could set up a struggle between Congress and the Bush administration

FOIA on the block

A Legal View: The public availability of information is being reduced, though more carelessly than intentionally

Time to can the spam

A Legal View: The federal government needs to deal with unsolicited e-mail


Sizing up small biz laws

Commentary: The GSA schedule should not allow large businesses to exploit a program intended to help small companies


Christmas in September

A Legal View: The delay in approval of it funds is likely to make an always hectic experience more frantic


Security and vendor rights

A Legal View: The government may invoke national security to curtail vendors' dispute rights

Silence is golden

A Legal View: Shareholders need the right to hold accountable the people who should be held responsible

Liars unmasked

A Legal View: Advances in IT are making the False Statements Act even more effective