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Caron Golden

Examining the Lessons of a Regional Partnership

It can be tough to get everyone in one organization on the same page, much less 20 organizations with competing agendas and priorities. But that's what a group of business and political leaders from California's Silicon Valley undertook in 1993 in an effort to reverse an economic downturn bedevilin

Is Everybody Happy?

Not everyone is happy with the outsourcing idea, especially those representing the county's IT employees. Mary Grillo, executive director of Local 2028 of the Service Employees International Union, which represents 60 employees affected by the transition, believes the county was too hasty in its de

The Next Big Deal

For one San Diego team, the ultimate symbol of success won't be a World Series trophy or a Super Bowl ring. Instead, for San Diego County's information technology 'Tiger Team,' victory will be a 10year contract with a leading IT services firm to economize, modernize and manage the county's IT and