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Charles Pettirossi

Meridian's Snap! Server makes network-attached storage simple

Testing by Chip Pettirossi Network storage is a hot commodity these days. With more data circulating on networks, servers are often overloaded and simply run out of space. In some cases, agencies just need a storage boost and don't want to fork over the money or take the time to install new ser

Asymetrix offers comprehensive training solution

Testing by Chip Pettirossi With high demand for training and limited funds to provide it, more government agencies are turning to computerbased training (CBT) to create and manage custom training courses with multimedia features all delivered electronically. Many agencies prefer CBT because it's

TimeStep VPN emphasizes security

Government agencies are interested in virtual private network (VPN) technology because it promises lowcost, secure data transmission via the Internet and can be used to replace longdistance telephone charges and dedicated lines. As part of our continuing coverage of VPNs, we evaluated TimeStep Co

FCW issues hacker challenge

Testing by Andreas Uiterwijk and Chip Pettirossi So you think your network is secure just because you have a firewall? Think again. No network that allows external traffic is 100 percent secure, no matter what kind of firewall is in place. Any type of traffic entering and exiting a network opens up

Pentium Upgrades: When Do They Make Sense?

Your agency probably has many older Pentium PCs bought two or three years ago when they were the fastest systems around. Now however these PCs are finding it difficult to handle today's complex Webbased and multimedia applications.