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Charlotte Adams

ODS Networks applies statistical analysis to security

Using technology originally developed for ultrasecurityconscious federal customers, ODS Networks Inc. last month introduced an offtheshelf software package that enables agencies to collect and analyze data on network intrusions and related security problems. The product, called CMDS Enterprise,

NASA employs 3-D images in collaborative clinic

Scientists at two NASA centers and four medical facilities last month demonstrated the possibilities of collaborative medicine, using the Internet to enable doctors and scientists at different sites to view 3D medical images simultaneously. Unlike traditional telemedicine, in which two parties pas

Remote-comm vendor enters fed market

Anyware Technology Inc. has begun an initiative to bring its secure remotecommunications technology to the federal market, creating a federal business unit and addressing federal standards. Anyware's flagship product, EverLink Suite, is designed to allow users working remotely to transmit Microsof

GTE resells ATM encryption tech

GTE Corp. will offer federal agencies encryption technology from Celotek Corp. that is designed to secure communications over highspeed Asynchronous Transfer Mode networks, the companies announced last week. Although encryption technology is widely available, most products are not designed to hand

NASA science center turns to 3-D

Aiming to make its scientific research more accessible to the general public, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center plans to develop 3D, interactive presentations for its World Wide Web site to explain complex topics. Marshall, which conducts research in such areas as astrophysics, microgravity scie

IMSI unveils training tool

Integrated Management Services Inc. (IMSI) has developed an offtheshelf version of a computerbased security training program that already is being used by a number of agencies. The Computer Security Awareness Tool (CSAT) is designed to help agencies make their employees aware of critical informa

FAA, NASA build virtual airport tower

NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration this fall will open the doors of the nation's first fullscale air traffic control simulation facility, which is expected to help the FAA understand how to maintain safe operations as air traffic increases in the years ahead. The new facility, based at N

Software bundles biometric solutions

SAFLink Corp. next month will begin shipping a suite of software that brings together three kinds of biometric security technology to help organizations control access to their networks. The SAF2000 MultiBiometric Enterprise Security Suite incorporates fingerprint recognition, voice verification a

Finjan offers mobile code security software

Finjan Software Inc. today announced the availability of SurfinShield Corporate 4.0, a robust desktop defense against hostile mobile code that can reside in Java, ActiveX, VisualBasic script, Internet cookies and various plugins. Major features include autolaunch blocking, enhanced centralized se

Wearable systems may cut labor, save time

As part of a NASA education project, students at two colleges determined that an emerging class of wearable computers has the potential to reduce the weight and workload of astronauts in space. Wearable computers, available from several manufacturers, are designed for users who need to access infor

New service gauges virus risk

In the wake of the 'Melissa' scare, Network Associates Inc. has added a riskassessment service to its Total Virus Defense software suite. The new service, which is free to existing Network Associates TVD customers, will provide qualitative information about the risks associated with emerging virus

Network-1 unveils fixed-price security service

Network1 Security Solutions Inc. now offers a fixedprice consulting service to help agencies assess the vulnerabilities of their network security. Called the Tactical Remote Access Penetration Study (TRAPS), the package involves using 'white hat' hackers to test how easy it is to penetrate an org

Net tool key to Hubble project

In order to keep up its steady flow of spectacular space imagery, the Hubble Space Telescope ground system requires a lot of behindthescenes network service the equivalent of 120 Ethernet networks linked together over a highspeed backbone to support the myriad of people involved with the p

Space tech makes good show

Five months after blastoff of its Deep Space 1 unmanned aircraft, NASA last week reported seeing good results from tests being conducted with cuttingedge technology. Deep Space 1 is designed to test 12 cuttingedge technologies that NASA believes will enable the agency to build spacecraft that are

Secure Computing weds password token, smart card

Secure Computing Corp. this week will introduce a card product designed to serve as a 'token' for security applications, but it also can serve as a tool for other applications. The e.ID (electronic identity) 'multicard' is intended to be used to authenticate a user's identification, either by gener

NEC adds fingerprint solution to GSA sked

NEC Technologies Inc. recently added its fingerprintbased network security solution to its General Services Administration schedule, positioning the product as an alternative to passwordbased solutions. The product, known as TouchPass, verifies the identity of someone logging onto a network by ch

TriStrata to enhance its PKI alternative

TriStrata Inc. this week will release a major enhancement to its suite of security software for securing digital transactions. The company is positioning this enhancement as an alternative to publickey infrastructure. PKI is an increasingly popular security solution that combines digital certifica

Industry hesitant about detection system

A top official of a group charged with investigating electronic threats posed to the U.S. critical infrastructure said last week that efforts to gather critical asset information are running into objections from private companies. Douglas Perritt, deputy chief of the National Infrastructure Protect

DOD nears launch of departmentwide PKI

The Defense Department soon plans to release guidelines that will lead to a departmentwide publickey infrastructure architecture that would ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data throughout the agency. For months DOD has wanted to move from multiple, small PKI pilots to a single PKI arch

Entrust to secure PeopleSoft ERP solutions

Security software vendor Entrust Technologies Inc. announced this month its certification by PeopleSoft Inc. to provide security solutions for PeopleSoft's widely used enterprise resource planning (ERP) products. Entrust develops technology to support publickey infrastructures, which secure digita