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Chase Gunter

Chase Gunter is a former FCW staff writer.

Thrift Savings Plan sees uptick in 2FA

TSP users are adopting two-factor authentication, with few opt-outs, officials said.

IT Modernization

Transportation safety agency tees up regulations for driverless cars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking at how to regulate self-driving cars.


New ID policy looks to leverage government credentials

An updated credentialing policy from the White House aims to make PIV cards interoperable across agencies and tap federal identifiers like Social Security numbers to secure digital transactions.

Digital Government

Employees, research drive CX innovations at Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs is looking to improve customer experience by changing its culture and tapping its own workforce for innovative ideas.

OPM: Job cuts could be part of the 'executive playbook'

The Office of Personnel Management is telling agencies that, as they rely more heavily on new technologies and retrain their employees, cutting the workforce may be in order.

House opposition could sink OPM reorg

Democrats in the House of Representatives are pushing against a plan to merge the Office of Personnel Management into the General Services administrations.


TSA turnover alarms lawmakers

Security screeners at the Transportation Security Administration post some of the lowest satisfaction scores and have the highest attrition rates of any government employees.

Digital Government

HUD seeks vendor to help set up central data office

The housing agency plans to work with the Centers of Excellence program at the General Services Administration to manage its troves of data.

IT Modernization

Transparency through technology

The new House committee on modernizing the legislative branch is turning its attention to making internal operations more transparency through technology.


Cyber workforce order doesn't solve the retention problem

The new cyber workforce executive order looks to make it easier for employees to take on cybersecurity roles within government, but agency IT officials point out the measure has its limitations.


Senators drill in on OPM-GSA reorg at confirmation hearing

Senators questioned President Donald Trump's pick to lead the Office of Personnel Management about workforce issues including a planned reorg that would divide OPM's functions between the White House and the General Services Administration.

IT Modernization

GAO: cloud saved agencies $300 million, but data is incomplete

Agencies are investing more in cloud and saving hundreds of millions of dollars as a result — but cloud investments still only represent a fraction of government IT purchases, and data on their cost and savings is far from complete.


DOD shifts employee training to OPM's USA Learning

The Department of Defense is moving the management of its training courses to the Office of Personnel Management and the government's centralized learning and development program.

Digital Government

Peak census web traffic pegged at 120,000 simultaneous users

The Census Bureau is expecting a maximum of 120,000 concurrent respondents to its internet self-response page during the 2020 population count, but it's preparing for much higher loads.


Watchdogs warn on DHS vacancies

Frequent turnover and persistent vacancies across the Department of Homeland Security are limiting the ability of employees to carry the agency's myriad missions.

Lawmakers, GAO worry about Census prep

As the Supreme Court weighs the legality of the citizenship question on the 2020 census, Congress and the Government Accountability Office have more immediate concerns about the bureau's ability to conduct an accurate population count.

Digital Government

OMB previews next steps on data policy

The White House will soon unveil its plan for managing data within and across agencies, as well as guidance for recently passed legislation, per top two IT officials in the administration's tech management policy office.


MSPB seeks more money to handle massive backlog

To address its massive and growing backlog, the panel that reviews federal workplace complaints is asking to "bypass" the White House's budget request.

IT Modernization

New GAO tech office starts to take shape

The Government Accountability Office's new science and technology wing plans to double its staff size and take on a much broader role in the IT modernization and emerging tech space.


Will DHS leadership upheaval affect CISA?

As the Department of Homeland Security scrambles following the abrupt departures of Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and number of top officials, the newly formed Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency could get caught up in the chaos.