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Cheryl Gerber

4 hot spots in federal procurement

Look for innovations to help fix several procurement problems.

IT Modernization

Army requires security hardware for all PCs

Coming mandate specifies that new computers contain a standard Trusted Platform Module.

IT Modernization

Army to require built-in security

Netcom plans to require all new computers to include a hardware-based security technology called the Trusted Platform Module.

IT Modernization

States scramble to implement voting standards

43 states missed Jan. 1 deadline to comply with 2002’s Help America Vote Act


Navair gets plenty of wireless experience

For now, the Naval Air Warfare Center is using a virtual private network (VPN) solution to secure a wireless link between its enterprise network and a set of handheld computers carried by about 100 Navy officers and managers

Digital Government

Wireless links get the squeeze

Handheld computers pose special challenge, concerns for wireless security


Air base locks airborne logistics data

Secure wireless handhelds have kept track of supplies moving through a warehouse at Maxwell Air Force base in Montgomery, Ala., for a year

NIST harnesses instant messaging

Fed business development program uses IM to shrink distances and build communities

Digital Government

DISA tests wireless LAN products

DISA is evaluating various WLAN products, such as access points, wireless switches and dedicated security software

Digital Government

A standards-based security fix in the wings

Industry leaders have been working on a separate standards-based solution to the WLAN security problem

Digital Government

A new fix for wireless woes?

Wireless LAN switches tackle security and management shortcomings

Benefits of Active Directory

With the way that much of Microsoft's enterprise now works, customers usually benefit most when they deploy several products in concert

Census wrestles with integration issues

Microsoft Corp.'s Active Directory is a new way of life at the Census Bureau

Feds call for directory assistance

Microsoft's new network directory poses deployment challenges

Ratings up for desktop video

Agencies keep workers well-informed with mix of news and private programming

IT Modernization

Satellite phones answer the call

Agencies rediscover the benefits of commercial satellite services

Boost your network's mettle

Agencies tap existing copper networks for gigabit-speed duty

Cancer researchers solve bandwidth problem

At work on the next stage of the Human Genome Project, scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have a pressing need for broader bandwidth

How low will they go?

As the prices of Gigabit copper Network Interface Cards drop, they will gain greater ground in the market against fiber NICs, according to market analysts

Who can use DWDM?

The likely federal users of DWDM or WDM)fall into two categories